31 July 2009

Cute Cousins

This is Kennedy and Roderick's first official photo together... not exactly a photography masterpiece but cute nonetheless!

Roderick- 4 days old

Our Little Eater!

Kennedy began eating solid foods this week... she really likes her rice cereal although you can't tell in this picture!
I also really like the rice cereal because she is consistently sleeping through the night now!

Great-Aunt Sharon

My mom's oldest sister was in town for a visit last weekend. She and my mom are 21 years apart in age... sound familiar? It was Kennedy's first time meeting her wonderful great-aunt Sharon!

25 July 2009


our new nephew and Kennedy's new cousin... Roderick John Harvie! This is the first baby for Sean's sister, Amy, and her husband Robert. Roderick was born July 25th at 5:29 am. He weighed in at 7 lbs, 14 oz and is 20.5 inches long. He seems to have a light blondish color hair and is absolutely adorable! Congratulations Harvie Family!

Baby Roderick
Proud Uncle Sean

24 July 2009

The Big Dip

Kennedy took her first dip in the pool this week. I wasn't sure what she would think of it given her appreciation for her warm bath water... but, true to form, she went with the flow. We even got a few smiles!

Future Soccer Star?

20 July 2009

Weekend Festivities

We had a busy weekend! Sean's mom, Linda, came for a three-day visit and my little sister, Rachael, celebrated her 5th birthday! Linda brought her little girls, Jessica and Rachel, to the birthday party- the girls had a great time attemping to skate :)

Jessica and Rachael

Kennedy and her Great-Aunt Jeanie

Kennedy and Sean

Rachael and her pre-school friends

Linda helping Rachel skate :)

Pizza and Cake!

Birthday girl!

Cute girls

All the Kiddos

Kennedy with Grandma Linda and Granna Renee

Kennedy and Jessica

Music Lovers

Sean is hoping Kennedy will appreciate and love music as much as he does so he often plays the guitar for her. She just stares at him in awe while he plays- very cute!

17 July 2009

The Many Faces of Kennedy

Kennedy is becoming an expressive little gal!

Serious and Reflective (notice the folded hands)

Deep Thinker...

Annoyed and Irritated
Sly and Sassy

Oh so Happy!

11 July 2009

Photo Challenge

Kennedy turned five months old this week... getting her "five month old" picture proved to be quite a challenge. Her sole interest in life right now is putting things in her mouth.
Favorite objects include but are not limited to:
feet, hands, clothes, and toys... "I sure do love my feet."

"I wonder if I can get that paper in my mouth?"

"I don't think so- I guess my dress is the next best thing."

"Ahh, perfect... it rattles AND I can easily put it in my mouth."

And FINALLY- just to appease Mom...

09 July 2009

Cute Girls

These two photos are so cute, I couldn't resist posting them!

05 July 2009

A Fun Fourth

We had a fun (and busy) fourth of July! First, we drove to Mt. Vernon to give our dog to my aunt and uncle. We were sad to say goodbye but she will have a great home and we will get to see her often. Next, we continued North to Bellingham for an afternoon BBQ with my cousin Pat and his family (wife Shelley and daughters Madison, Paige and Ava). The girls had a great time running through the sprinkler and playing on the slip 'n slide. On our way home, we stopped on Camano Island to visit Sean's mom Linda, grandpa Aldo and the rest of that side of the family. It was great to see so much family in one day! As we drove through downtown Seattle at 10:30 pm, we got to see the finale of the Seattle fireworks show...
overall, a great holiday! kennedy in her fourth of july wear

kennedy and her granna
shelley and little ava

madison, paige and rachael

kennedy is infatuated with her hands & feet ... difficult to get her to look up
chef pat

cute sisters!

all the girls

the kids (and sean) enjoy watching "snake" fireworks

cousins rachael and paige... same age... we call them "salt" and "pepper"

kennedy and her auntie sarah

four generations!

kennedy and her auntie jessica

kennedy and grandma linda playing with glow-sticks