29 March 2014

'Hawks Spirit!

We had a lot of fun this winter watching the Seattle Seahawks make it to and then eventually WIN the Superbowl! The girls had a great time rockin' their jersey's all season and Kennedy got to wear her hawks gear to Pre-K every Friday in support. Poor Sean got the stomach flu on Superbowl Sunday so our plans for a party were cancelled. Instead, our little family of 4.2 stayed home and watched the game together on the couch. :)

Kennedy's whole school on Blue Friday! 

Turning 32...

My 32nd birthday came and went pretty quietly this year.
I was six weeks pregnant on my birthday and I felt every bit of that 6 weeks
(i.e. extremely tired and nauseous).
We did go out to dinner a few days before with Heidi and Brian at Wasabi Bistro (one of my very favorite restaurants in Seattle). Sean's friend Scottie joined us for dinner, as well. It was a fun relaxing dinner and the food was DELISH.
Looking forward to meeting my new son or daughter during this 32nd year. ;)

Kennedy is Five!

Kennedy turned FIVE on February 10th!
I am in disbelief at how fast these past five years have gone.
I owe my girl a birthday letter ... hope to get that posted soon.
Until then, here are some photos from her 5th birthday party at Super Jump Party Zone!
She had a great time running and bouncing around with her friends and cousins!
Thanks to Sean's cousin Clare who took these photos for me!  

We had a little family party on the evening of her real birthday.
Kennedy and Mara are always SO excited for each other's birthdays. It is really cute!
I love how Mara is standing right next to Kennedy in these photos, so genuinely happy for her
(or possibly trying to get in on the candle-blowing action, not sure which... ha!)


February Snow Day (backdated post)

We had a fun, unexpected snow day in early February!
A few photos of our fun morning of snow play with our neighborhood posse!

28 March 2014

Two Girls and a Peanut

We are so excited to finally share the news that we are expecting baby #3! We had our 12 week ultrasound today and everything is looking wonderful. The first trimester has kicked my butt, I am not even going to lie (which is why I haven't blogged in two months!) Lots of nausea, lots of fatigue and even some moments of wondering "why am I doing this again?"
BUT... I am now feeling a lot better and after seeing our new little peanut on the ultrasound screen today, I have officially fallen in love... again. :) Can't wait to meet this new little guy or gal in October! And no, we won't be waiting to find out the sex... you know I am completely incapable of that. I am impatiently waiting for six more weeks until they can tell us if we will have a trio of girls or if Sean will finally have an ALI. ;) Truly, we don't care either way... he or she will be a beautiful blessing to our family!

Peanut at 9 weeks

Peanut at 12 weeks