31 October 2010


We had such a fun Halloween weekend with the Marti and Stuurmans families! Thanks to Bill and Sarah for hosting all of us. As always, there were lots of laughs and it is so fun to see all the kids together. Our little cow was pretty adorable too :)

Kennedy and Dane (2 1/2)
Hailey (4) and Lyla (3)
Kennedy, Lyla, Hailey and Dane
Lyla and her little sister Tenley
Kennedy trick-or-treating

27 October 2010

Moraiya is 3!

Cousin Moraiya celebrated her 3rd birthday this past weekend. We had a great time at her Hello Kitty-themed party. Here are a few cute photos of the cousins from the McKenna side.

birthday girl, Moraiya 
Moraiya and Elsie
Kennedy checking out the fish tank...
 I am sure Chris and Jamie appreciated all the hand prints and drool on the glass :)
Roderick (a.k.a  Piano Man)

All Things Pumpkin

Last Monday, Amy had plans to meet her mom, Heather and all the kiddos at a pumpkin patch up in Smokey Point. She was nice enough to take Kennedy as well since I had a math curriculum training to go to. Kennedy had an absolute blast and Amy did a great job photographing the day. Kennedy is so lucky to have so many people that love her so much. We are also so happy that she will grow up with many, many cousins (and little aunties)  that are so close in age. It reminds me of all the fun I had with my cousins growing up.
Kennedy and grandma Linda
cousin Hailey
cousin Tyler
Auntie Jessica and Kennedy
These two pictures of Roderick crack me up...
the kids loved the bouncy house... I mean, who doesn't??
our little animal- lover

And, in an effort to knock out all the pumpkin photos in one post, here are a few from our pumpkin carving fun last weekend. Kennedy LOVED digging out all of the pumpkin seeds and her daddy loved carving the words "FOR SALE" into our pumpkin (yes, we are very motivated house sellers)! Roderick, on the other hand, was not at all impressed with the pumpkins and was far more content to watch the fun from the safety of his daddy's arms. :)

I do love that Kennedy is digging out pumpkins while wearing a Christmas bib- LOL.

23 October 2010

Kennedy and Ethan

Kennedy's regular babysitter (my friend Stacie) wasn't able to watch her on Friday so my sweet job-share partner, Martha, offered to take care of her for me. Martha has a little boy, Ethan, who is just three months younger than Kennedy. They had so much fun playing together! Here are a few of the photos that Martha took yesterday... she was even brave enough to take these two tots to the park!

19 October 2010


We spent a fun weekend in Amboy with Bryan and Jeanne. They have invited us down to visit many times and we finally made it! What a beautiful part of Washington it is! Jeanne works at a winery so we spent time on Saturday visiting it and tasting a few different kinds of wine. From there, we went to an awesome pumpkin patch. Jeanne prepared a delicious dinner for us Saturday night. We drank great wine and had lots of laughs. On Sunday morning, we went to Lewisville Park and the Grist Mill (established in 1876). Grist Mill is also home to one of the only covered bridges in Washington. It it a really beautiful place! We had a great time, thanks for having us Bryan and Jeanne!