11 October 2016

Cannon Beach 2016

Oh Cannon Beach, you never disappoint!
We spent the last weekend in September at the ocean with the Williams and Willoughby families.
Minus the unfortunately gross pet-friendly room we stayed in, we had an amazing time!

It was Aiden's first trip to the ocean (outside of my belly) and he had a great time running aimlessly down the beach. It was not our most relaxing ocean visit (nothing is relaxing with a busy 16 month old) but that's okay - we're in a busy season of our lives with this little guy and we wouldn't have it any other way. The girls loved the pool, digging in the sand and running in the surf.

Cannon Beach is my favorite place. We love it so much that we are going back this spring for five whole days (sans kids!) to celebrate our ten year anniversary. Already counting down the days.