26 September 2010

Saturday in Seattle

Sean's friend, Chris, was in town this weekend.
It gave us a great excuse to spend the afternoon in Seattle.
What a beautiful day Saturday was!

19 September 2010

Pony Ride

We made a quick trip to the Puyallup fair today... we were hesitant to go because the weather was so icky but we managed to catch a mostly-dry patch. Kennedy can't do much at the fair yet but she did have fun at the petting zoo and riding a pony! She was a bit unsure about the pony but she didn't cry. She just looked a bit perturbed for most of the ride. That's my girl!

10-Year Class Reunion

So I think it is pretty funny that I went to my 10 year high school class reunion and took pictures of the people I see all the time! I really did a horrible job of photographing the night but here are the few I did take. The reunion was just "ok,"... I mean, can you ever really go back? :) But, as always, we had a great time with Heidi and Brian, Danny and Margaret, Kjell and Vanessa, Brian, Cassidy and a few other fun folks as well. We missed you Sarah and Kevin!!!

Nineteen Months


Kennedy with a few of her friends (these are the daughters of my teaching friends)...
Kennedy and Abby playing in the sand...

16 September 2010

Friday Photo

I was tempted to do the dishes, fold the laundry and grade math tests.
Instead, I sat on the couch and read books with my girl.
Afterall, there will come a day when reading books with me is not going to be so cool. 
Thank goodness that isn't today.

07 September 2010

Rachael + Bob

That's right, another wedding! This will be my third wedding post in four weeks- whew!

We spent a fantastic Labor Day weekend in Montana celebrating my cousin Rachael's wedding! Rachael and Bob were married at the cathedral in Helena and had a beautiful reception at the Civic Center. It officially goes down as the largest wedding I have ever attended with a final guest count of about 680 people! They did a wonderful job planning though because it did not feel like there were that many people there.

As I have said before, Rachael is not just my cousin but such a dear friend as well. I was honored to be a bridesmaid and it was so special to spend her wedding day with her. She was truly a beautiful bride! Sean was "on duty" with Kennedy most of the weekend as I was busy with Rachael and the other bridesmaids. He was a trooper - he didn't complain once. :) Fortunately, he did get to play a round of golf Friday morning which was a nice reprieve for him- thanks, Mom,  for babysitting!

I'd like to say I just snapped a "few" photos but you know me! :) As usual I tried to downsize although you can't tell given the slew of photos that are to follow.... enjoy!

We kicked off the weekend with a bridesmaid brunch hosted by my Aunt Judy. It was so sweet and special!

Each bridesmaid had a framed photo at her spot... such a nice touch!
bridesmaids Casey and Jeannie
bridesmaids Jenn and Scout
Next came the church rehearsal and dinner!
I actually didn't take too many photos of the rehearsal-
Kennedy was in rare form and kept Sean and I on our toes most of the evening! :)
Elise (the flower girl) and Rachael at the church
Kennedy "striking a pose"- I LOVE her little arms in this photo!
Believe it or not- this is 3 generations!

And, finally the wedding day was here! We spent the morning at the salon getting hair and make-up done. Then we had lunch and got dressed at the bed and breakfast across the street from the cathedral.

Is she beautiful or what???
All the bridesmaids and flower girl
my cousin Reed and his wife, Lisi
my cousin Rob and his girlfriend, Krista
This is my Uncle Bill's boutonniere...
my Aunt Judy personalized it with a picture of his parents (my grandparents).
So special!!
Just Married!
We rode a trolley from the church to the reception- very fun!
Jenny (the matron of honor) and her husband Brent. Such a fun couple!
cousins Sarah and Paige with Rachael
cousins Harry and Bryan- they are a kick!
more cousins... Pat and Shelley (with baby Ava) and Seth and Erin
father-daughter dance ...there was no awkward swaying here... these two can DANCE!
my mom with 5 of her 7 siblings (8 total)
Here we are, the four musketeers!
Heidi, Marilee, Rachael and I were buddies growing up together.
We got this same picture at my wedding and now at Rachael's.
We hope to eventually have one from each of
our four weddings!
Above: Aunt Sharon and Aunt Jeanie (sisters- 11 years apart!)
Below: Mom and Aunt Sharon (sisters- 22 years apart!)

Overall, we had a really  fantastic time at Rachael and Bob's wedding.
I love, love, love seeing so much of my family in one place.
It doesn't happen often enough.