29 November 2009

Photo Session

Family friend and professional photographer, Bon Regala, took some photos of Kennedy last weekend as well as some "Christmas-themed" photos for our christmas card. God knows we do not have enough photos of our girl :) Here are two of my favorites plus the new header on the blog...

Thanksgiving Hustle & Bustle

As with every holiday, we did the Sean-Prita (and now Kennedy too) hustle! We are blessed to have a lot of family in the area and we enjoy seeing lots of them so we generally do a lot of driving and bustling from place to place whenever a holiday arrives. We spent Thanksgiving on Camano Island (it took us 3 1/2 hours to get there due to a bad car accident on I-5)... had it been any other day, we probably would have turned around and gone home but since it was Thanksgiving, we carried on! It was worth it as we had a great time celebrating turkey day at Grandpa Aldo's house. It was a nice way to remember him.
above: Kennedy with her cousins (Tyler, Hailey, Roderick) and auntie Jessica
Sean's sister Sarah and brother David Kennedy and I relaxing after eating too much :) We celebrated all the November birthdays on Thanksgiving including Hailey's 3rd birthday (our goddaughter and niece)...

The day after Thanksgiving, we caught the ferry to Anderson Island to spend more time with family. We love Anderson Island! It is relaxing and beautiful.
Here are a few photos from our weekend including the one below of my handsome husband :)

Kennedy spending time with great-aunt Kim and her dog Duke... as it turns out, Kennedy loves animals, particularly dogs! She lights up like a Christmas tree whenever a dog is around... big or small, she loves them all! Bummer for Sean who swears we will never own another dog... hope Kennedy never brings home a stray and looks up at him with those big blue eyes... :) Kennedy with cousins Maddy and Blake

17 November 2009

Ready for Snow!

I had to laugh at this picture I took last week... I had Kennedy so bundled up you would have thought it was snowing!Auntie Rachael wore this little hat when she was about the same age so it is fun to see Kennedy in it.

Brynn Family Photo Shoot

Katie and her sister, Emily, asked me to take some photos of their family last weekend. I jumped at the chance to practice my photography skills (and mind you, I have A LOT of practicing to do)... here are a few results from the Brynn Family Photo Shoot! :)

Little Finn Murray
Cute Ellis
The Murray's the entire Brynn Family Katie, Emily and their families Sawyer Ellis and her cute little teeth (which I am envious of)... where are Kennedy's? Kate and Finn sibling snuggle :) the cousins...

16 November 2009

St. Joseph Hospital Dinner & Auction

Sean and I attended the St. Joe's annual ball (dinner and auction). The money raised this year went to the program that my mom is the director of (the NeuroScience/Stroke program). It was really fun to get dressed up, enjoy a great dinner and support a good cause!

09 November 2009

Nine Months Old

Kennedy had her nine month check up today and she received the H1N1 vaccine which I am SUPER relieved about. She weighs 16 lbs, 2 oz (10th percentile) and is 26.5 inches in length (25th percentile). She is a petite little squirt as she dropped from the 25th% to the 10th% in weight.

Milestones this month:
*** As you can see above, she is quite the little helper particularly when it comes to laundry:)
*** Kennedy is officially CRAWLING!!!! Her new nickname is "the little menace" as she is into EVERYTHING! She is also pulling herself up and walking around things... I am guessing she will be somewhat of an early walker (poor us).
*** Saying "ma-ma" and "da-da" all the time. Sometimes I do think she is actually associating it with us (particularly me, sorry Sean) but then other times I am not so sure.
*** STILL NO TEETH! (Man, I hope they are in there)
*** I would love to write that she is sleeping consistently through the night but she most definitley is NOT. What have I done wrong? Despite the lack of sleep- we LOVE OUR GIRL!

08 November 2009

Scott + Erin

Our great friends, Scott and Erin, were married this past Friday! Sean was honored to be a witness and I was honored that Erin and Scott asked me to take photos of their special day! These two really make a beautiful couple and we were so happy to share in this wonderful celebration! They were married at the Seattle courthouse and we had a lovely dinner at Seraphina following the ceremony with their close friends and family. It was an intimate, meaningful evening. The best part was when the singer at the restaurant sang "At Last" by Etta James and Scott and Erin danced right in the middle of the restaurant! So cool! Here are a few of my favorite photos...