26 April 2010

I think...

Kennedy may be getting tired of my endless picture taking... what do you think?

Nonetheless, we went to the nursery today to pick out flowers for our porch flower pots. I couldn't resist snapping just a few photos! All the flowers, benches and water fountains made great backgrounds.

19 April 2010

Spring Photos

Stay tuned for many photography posts in the coming weeks.
I joined an online digital photography website.  They have weekly tutorials and "assignments."
Lots of great photography information to practice with.
Fortunately, I have a pretty cute subject to work with. ;)

18 April 2010

Little Miss Pigtails...

Hanging out in her little "toy nook..."
And spending quality time with Max in the backyard...

15 April 2010

Happy Birthday and Goodbye

Last weekend, we drove to Camano Island to say a final goodbye to grandpa Aldo and his beautiful home. We spread his ashes and spent some final moments at his home before the new owner moves in. Below, are photos of Jessica, Rachel and Kennedy in his yard.
Later, we celebrated Linda's birthday with a delicious dinner and of course, a birthday cake!
Above: Hunter, Hailey, Jessica and Rachel... how stinkin' cute are they??
We even got a photo of the entire Oppegaard-Bogny-Hamilton-Harvie-McKenna Clan! What a group huh?

14 April 2010

Happy Anniversary

Three years ago, today...

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.
I am so happy I chose you... and that you chose me back.
I love you.

12 April 2010

Fourteen Months!

Our girl is fourteen months and oh so much fun! Here are  just a few things we love about her at this age:
*** her cute ponytails and pigtails
*** the words she is starting to learn ... "uh-oh," "hi" and "bye"
*** her awesome dancing skills... she gets doowwwn... literally, into a squat (I will try to post video/pics of this soon)
*** her hugs, kisses and snuggles ... she is a little lovebug
*** her ability to adjust to new people and places easily
*** her curious, busy personality... it keeps us on our toes but we wouldn't have it any other way
*** her ability to entertain herself for long periods of time with books and toys
*** her love of food (she is truly a product of us)... she has a great appetite ... some of her favorites include: PB&J sandwiches, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, fruit (of any kind), oatmeal, scrambled eggs, waffles/french toast, veggies (green beans, peas and carrots)
*** her ONE little tooth (I see that four more are on their way, however)
*** how much she loves to play hide-and-seek
*** the fact that the eczema on her cheeks has improved TREMENDOUSLY
*** her contagious belly laugh

We love you Tinker Toosies!

06 April 2010

Photos at the Park

I took the girls to the park yesterday and shot a bunch of photos in manual mode on my camera. This is more challenging than it may seem. I took tons of pictures but only got a handful that actually turned out.
I love this last shot... so typical of these two.
Rachael always running from one place to the next and Kennedy desperately trying to keep up!

05 April 2010

A Fun Easter

It was a great Easter... we went to Mass in the morning (with Kennedy in her fancy Easter dress!) And then we made the drive up to Mt. Vernon where Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray hosted a wonderful dinner and Easter egg hunt. I love family holidays!

And, a quick flashback to last Easter when Kennedy was only 8 weeks old!