29 June 2015

Father's Day 2015

It's always great to celebrate this guy!
And celebrate we did - with a great breakfast at Salty's and a fun afternoon BBQ later in the day.

He's an amazing father and husband and I feel truly blessed to be raising these three kiddos with him. Thank you for ALL you do Sean!!! We love you!

Our new little guy made it an extra special father's day this year ... love seeing these two together. 

Mara's Dance Recital

Mara and Mckenna (and Mckenna's forehead goose-egg) 
had their first ever ballet dance recital last weekend! 
It was such an adorable show with these adorable little cuties! 

 Mara and Mckenna with cousin Clare! 
 Mara and grandma Nay
the girls and great-grandma LeeAnn

22 June 2015

Aiden ... The First Few Weeks

It's hard to believe Aiden is already almost three weeks old! 
I have tried to make a point to grab my camera as often as possible these past few weeks and as I look back through these photos, I am so happy I have been making that effort. I know these are all going to be super special photos to look back on. It's so easy to use my phone and while many of these are phone photos, I try to use my good camera too so that they will print nicely
(if I ever get around to printing them!). 

Three weeks in to this three-kid gig and we are surviving! Some days seem easier than others and I know we will find our new groove soon. Mara has displayed some tough behaviors these past few weeks (lots of whining, bad listening, potty accidents, etc). No doubt this is linked to the new little guy in our house. And while she loves her little brother, she is also a huge danger to him... she is just downright rough with him and I can't take my eyes off of him when she is in the room. 
I am also hoping this will get better! 

We sure do love this little guy and he is such a good baby. 
Feeling enormously blessed!! 

 Our pediatrician told us that the most dangerous person in Aiden's life would be his four year old sister. Gee, I am not sure what he means!!! ;)

17 June 2015

Aiden Sean

Introducing Aiden Sean McKenna! 
Born June 2, 2015 at 10:15 pm. 
6 lbs, 11 oz and 19.5 inches 

Aiden arrived 10 days early after an embarassingly easy labor and delivery (thanks little man!). 
We checked into the hospital at 5:30 and he was born at 10:15. 

Thanks to my friend Heidi who took some delivery photos for me. I won't post the majority here for obvious reasons but I am so happy to have them ... I am always amazed at how special and emotional it is to meet your baby for the first time. Truly life's greatest moments. 

  Aiden's big sisters were so excited to come meet him the next morning! 
Seeing my three kids together (finally!) was very emotional for me. 
 Unfortunately, Dr. Zomer (my OBGYN) wasn't the on-call doctor for my delivery but we were happy to get a photo with her the next morning when she came to check on us. 
She has been such a fantastic Dr. for my past two pregnancies! 

We had lots of hospital visitors... everyone was so excited to meet our sweet boy! 

After two nights in the hospital, we were so excited to load up our boy and head home to begin our new life!