27 December 2009

Christmas 2009

An assortment of photos from our three-day Christmas Extravaganza! You should be able to click on the collage to view the pictures at a larger size.
We spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day with my family. Christmas afternoon/evening was spent with Sean's dad's side of the family and the day after Christmas we continued with Sean's mom's side of the family! Whew! We are tired. But it was a great three days with our wonderful families and a very special first Christmas for our little Kennedy! Posted by Picasa

Polar Express Party

Kennedy, Rachael and I stopped by my classroom on the last day of school before winter break. My teaching partner, Martha, was having a Polar Express party with the kids. Rachael absolutely loved joining the big 2nd graders for cider, cookies and part of the movie. Kennedy got a kick out of it too!

Lloyd Christmas

I decided Kennedy needed a little "bang trim" last week. Needless to say, I am not a hairdresser and the end result resembled the haircut worn by Lloyd Christmas in the movie Dumb and Dumber. Next time, I will consult someone more skilled than myself. :)


20 December 2009

Christmas Party '09

We hosted a Christmas party this year for my great friends from college. It was a lot of fun- I didn't do a great job getting pictures but here are the few that I did take. Katie and Kevin weren't able to make it as they were home with their sick little guy, Finn.
We missed you!
Here we have Sarah and Heidi, both birthday girls and both pregnant! Their babies are due about three months apart- so excited for them!

Jungle Gym Daddy

This is Sean and Kennedy's nightly ritual... he lays on the carpet and watches T.V. and Kennedy uses him as a jungle gym. Most often, these climbing sessions also involve some hair pulling, nose pinching or head bonking
(all on Kennedy's part, of course).

Checkin' Out the Tree

Kennedy has shown a mild amount of interest in the Christmas tree, much to my delight. She had a brief case of curiosity the other day but it quickly passed. I was even able to put a few presents under the tree although if you look closely, most of them have the bows ripped off.
Wonder who did that? :)

14 December 2009

My Little Helper

Kennedy is my little shadow. She follows me everywhere... sooo... I like to "put her to work" every now and then. :)
Here are a couple of her favorite household chores...
Keeping up on the laundry... and, cleaning out the pantry ...
"Hmmm... I wonder how many different ways I can destroy this box?"

12 December 2009

Ten Months Old

And just like that, she's 10 months old. The one year mark is quickly approaching! It kind of breaks my heart because I realize how fast time goes. On the otherhand, each month is a joy as her personality continues to show and we fall more in love with her.
Disclaimer: I will now list Kennedy's milestones. If you find these incredibly boring, stop reading now. As previously mentioned, I am turning my blog into a book so these details are really more for me ... I totally get that they are boring to most everyone else! :)
A few facts about Kennedy:
- She is finally sleeping through the night! That is all I will say about it. I do not want to jinx myself.
-She is a girl on the move! She is constantly finding new objects to pull herself up on and can crawl into the tiniest of crevices (i.e. underneath the coffee and end tables). This is a bit concerning as she hits her head a lot... we are thinking a helmet may be an appropriate Christmas gift.
- She continues to be a toothless wonder... buckets of drool but still no teeth?!?! Her friends Finn, Ethan and Peter have all gotten teeth and they are all younger than her... cousin Roderick is drooling up a storm. He will probably have his first tooth by Christmas. We are hoping Kennedy's shows up by Easter.
- Kennedy has picked up quite a few nicknames over the past few months... a few of our favorites: Stinker Poo which has morphed into 'tinker poo which has morphed into 'tinker; missy moos, little peanut, the menace. And, the nickname which is not a favorite but seems to be sticking around (thanks to Auntie Amy ) ... Kennedy Wennedy.
- Kennedy's favorite foods: bananas, mandarin oranges, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, beets, avocado, chicken, scrambled eggs.

09 December 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Clause

Amy and I had a little photo shoot today for Mr. and Mrs. Clause (a.k.a Kennedy and Roderick). Kennedy had a ball... poor Roderick had to put up with a little eye poking from his cousin but he hung in there... :) Oh how I wish I could have included this picture of Kennedy
in our Christmas card... sigh...

Poor Girl

Little 'Tinker has had a rough couple of days... first she fell and hit her eyelid on a door hinge (I know, it makes me cringe too)... I suppose random injuries like this will be bound to happen as she becomes more mobile but it still scared me! Secondly, she continues to have the red, rashy cheeks. I am on a mission to figure out what is causing this... I am keeping a food log, I have switched laundry detergents... there isn't anything that is consistently working. Hmmm...
Obviously she did not mind showing off her injury for the sake of the blog. :)

07 December 2009

'O Christmas Tree

We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year but we did go out and choose a Christmas tree! My sister came along for the fun and we took many great pictures. Unfortunately, in the process of transferring the photos from my camera to the computer there was an error and I lost all of the pictures except these two which are, coincidently, the worst two pictures we took! Note how in the first picture Kennedy and I are not looking at the camera. The second photo is blurry, Rachael's eyes are half-closed, Kennedy doesn't look like herself and I look like a pinhead. Despite the picture mishap, we do have a lovely tree in our house. And, Kennedy is far less interested in it than I thought she would be. I dangled two soft ornaments on the bottom for her... she's grabbed at them once or twice but her main focus is to crawl and walk around the furniture. :) Merry Christmas!

04 December 2009

Holiday Spirit

Click on the following link to see Kennedy in all of her "elf glory." :) According to my sister in law, this "elf yourself" thing is old news but this is the first I have seen of it and I got a big kick out of it!