12 December 2009

Ten Months Old

And just like that, she's 10 months old. The one year mark is quickly approaching! It kind of breaks my heart because I realize how fast time goes. On the otherhand, each month is a joy as her personality continues to show and we fall more in love with her.
Disclaimer: I will now list Kennedy's milestones. If you find these incredibly boring, stop reading now. As previously mentioned, I am turning my blog into a book so these details are really more for me ... I totally get that they are boring to most everyone else! :)
A few facts about Kennedy:
- She is finally sleeping through the night! That is all I will say about it. I do not want to jinx myself.
-She is a girl on the move! She is constantly finding new objects to pull herself up on and can crawl into the tiniest of crevices (i.e. underneath the coffee and end tables). This is a bit concerning as she hits her head a lot... we are thinking a helmet may be an appropriate Christmas gift.
- She continues to be a toothless wonder... buckets of drool but still no teeth?!?! Her friends Finn, Ethan and Peter have all gotten teeth and they are all younger than her... cousin Roderick is drooling up a storm. He will probably have his first tooth by Christmas. We are hoping Kennedy's shows up by Easter.
- Kennedy has picked up quite a few nicknames over the past few months... a few of our favorites: Stinker Poo which has morphed into 'tinker poo which has morphed into 'tinker; missy moos, little peanut, the menace. And, the nickname which is not a favorite but seems to be sticking around (thanks to Auntie Amy ) ... Kennedy Wennedy.
- Kennedy's favorite foods: bananas, mandarin oranges, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, beets, avocado, chicken, scrambled eggs.


Kate said...

I'm so jealous that you get to sleep through the night! I would take sleep over Finn's teeth any day of the week :)

Prita said...

LOL!!! Sorry about introducing Kennedy Wennedy to the family. It is kinda sticking around and to be honest, I kinda love it! It's better than "Naughty Roddy" or "Roddy Rodster." If you drop those, I will drop Kennedy Wennedy. I will come up with something else. I do love 'tinker poo too. LOL! Your posts crack me up. You just wait. I will have my blog up and running THIS WEEK!!! :-)
- Amy Harvie

Prita said...

Dude, why do I always post with your name? Are you not signing out?