28 February 2010


... she has a tooth (see first picture)! Slowly but surely, it has arrived! It is super cute to see our little bug with a little tooth. Yesterday, another arrival came: the ponytail! Since I can't get her to keep her clips in anymore and her hair hanging in her face drives me nuts- I securely fasted a small but sturdy side ponytail! She looks so grown-up with a pony! My sweet tinkers is slowly (or not so slowly) turning into a little girl and while this makes me kind of sad... it is also so much fun!
In other news, Kennedy's little friend Katie (my friend Ali's daughter) picked out this cute car for Kennedy at Target.
It is a big hit around here!

21 February 2010


We had a great time in Leavenworth! Sarah and Kevin decided to rent a house and invited Heidi and Brian and us to come along. It worked out great because it was my birthday weekend so it was fun to celebrate in such a great place. We had fun walking the town, eating good food and playing lots of games. Pictionary got pretty competitive! :) The best part was the BEAUTIFUL weather- sometimes I forget how much I love blue skies and the bright sun.

Walking ... With Red Hair?

Kennedy is a full blown walker! We love it! It is so cute to see her toddling around. We got out and enjoyed the sunshine today- I snapped a few photos and was surprised to see how red her hair looked in the sun! I don't really think of her as a red-head but there is definitley a pretty strong auburn hue in the light.

And this might be one of my all-time favorite shots. She was bookin' it through the garage! So excited to go say hi to daddy while he washed the car. She has been loving her daddy lately- I am SUCH a sucker for great daddy-daughter relationships.

17 February 2010

Blog Book

It may be a bit dorky to post pictures of my new blog book on here but I am really excited about it! I made this book not once but TWICE! I had it about 75% finished a few months ago when our computer crashed and I lost the whole thing. It was super sad but I pulled myself together and began again. :) The book is 142 pages and includes all of my blog posts... because I started blogging in May, I went back and added pictures from the beginning of 2009 as well. This book isn't really for me, it is for Kennedy. It is full of photos and genuine writing about our lives... good and bad. I hope she (and her future siblings) will love it as much as I do.

15 February 2010


After an entire year, we finally had Kennedy baptized! We were waiting until we felt ready to make the committment to attend church regularly as a family and become involved in a parish. It was a fun (albeit stressful) day! The baptism took place during Kennedy's usual nap time so she was pretty fussy and wiggly through the entire Mass. It was a group effort in keeping her entertained. Kennedy has two sets of wonderful godparents: my cousins, Rachael and Rob and her Aunt Amy and Uncle Harv. Rob wasn't able to make it as he is busy with optometry school in California. We missed you Rob! Amy still had her baptismal dress from when she was baptized! We got it cleaned up and Kennedy was able to wear it which was so special! It is over 30 years old and still so pretty.
We decided to fully submerge her for the baptism. It was really cool!
Okay, so we attempted to get some photos after the baptism. Now, at this point, Kennedy is about 2 hours past her nap and the church was super crowded. Sooo... the pictures are not great but at least we got a few! Kennedy with Father Bill
Kennedy with her godmother, Rachael. This is literally the only smile we got during the post-baptism photos. Nice work Rach! Kennedy with Rachael and her fiancee, Bob. A big thanks to Rachael and Bob for coming all the way from Montana. It was so special having you both there!
Kennedy with godparents, Auntie Amy and Uncle Harv... as usual, Kennedy is pointing at something.
Kennedy with Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray who drove all the way from Mt. Vernon for the baptism which was so wonderful!

Frenchy's & Bucca's

What a fun weekend! We had Kennedy baptized on Sunday. Rachael is her godmother so she and Bob came out for the weekend. Rach and I went to our favorite spa, Frenchy's, and got pedicures. When Rachael lived in Seattle, it was one of our favorite things to do together. We had so much fun on Saturday... we took a bottle of wine and for the entire hour of our pedicure, we did not stop talking. Literally. So much to catch up on, so little time! Afterwards, we met up with Pat, Shelley and their girls and my mom, John and little Rachael at Bucca Di Beppo's. It was great seeing Pat and Shelley as we don't get to see them as often as we would like. I love my family!
Pat and my mom
Pat and his oldest daughter, Madison... such a sweetheart!
Paige and Rachael... one week apart in age... cuties
Shelley and youngest daughter, Ava
Rachael and Kennedy... a tad off-center