23 December 2012

Almost There...

I have one little girl who is beyond excited for Santa's arrival in T-ONE DAY! 
And my other little girl is just excited because big sis is excited. 

Christmas is just too fun with kids.
(p.s. notice who is sitting up in that tree watching over... our elf, sienna!)

17 December 2012

Mara's Tot Class

Kennedy goes to preschool on Tuesday and Friday mornings. During the Friday class, I do a TOT class in the basement of the preschool with Mara (and eleven other tots and their moms).

I have really enjoyed this class...not only because of the extra time it gives me with our second born (who sometimes gets cheated on time with me, I fear)... but also because of the great moms in the class. I have so enjoyed visiting with several of these super nice, down-to-earth mama's. I really feel so fortunate for all the moms I have met through our great preschool over the past year and a half.

Afterall, it takes a village, right?
Lucky for us... our village rocks.

Chef Kennedy

Full of spunk, sass and a whole lot of sweet in the middle.
I could just eat her up.

Santa Train 2012.

On Saturday, we did the North Bend Santa train with the girls, grandma and the Harvie fam.
It was so fun (and so cold!)... definitely planning to make this a yearly tradition.

Our hearts were heavy on this Saturday morning, however.
One day after the Connecticut school shootings, it was bittersweet to spend the morning with our precious girls and their precious little cousins.

My many prayers and sore heart go out to the suffering families.

Annual Christmas Party

We hosted our annual Christmas party last weekend!
As always, it is a great time to see so many great friends.

A few pics from our fun evening!!


The newly engaged couple, Cassidy and John!! 

11 December 2012

2012 Santa Photo

I am just happy they weren't both crying. 
That definitely could have happened. 
Fortunately, bribery with ice cream works well on almost- four year olds. 

Even though we have only been doing Santa photos for a few years, I already love looking back on what we have so far:

2009 - Kennedy was almost one year old.

2010- Kennedy was almost two, Rachael was six.

2011- Kennedy was almost three and totally scared of Santa. Mara was five and a half months.

I am feeling extremely aware of how fleeting and incredibly special these Christmases are with young children. I am soaking it up. I am on a hiatus from Junebug Photography. I feel the need to be present, very present with these girls of mine.