05 December 2012

Kennedy... My Little Model

I just finished up a four week photography course online.
I really, really enjoyed it! It was so fun to have actual assignments and get solid feedback on my submissions.
I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately in the photography department and it was exactly what I needed to feel excited again.

Kennedy was happy to be my "model" for a few of the assignments and she is so darn cute, I had to share some of the photos I took of her.

These photos were taken for my assignment on back-lighting.

And these were taken for my assignment on "shooting in undesirable weather conditions."

God I love this kid. She has an undeniable spirit. Can't wait to see where life takes her.


Amber said...

Awesome that you took a course with feedback too! Was it through Clickin' Moms? I've only taken one study-along course with them, but since there wasn't accountability for my assignments, I wasn't motivated enough to keep up. These pictures of Kennedy are super cute!! She always seems to be smiling :) Brave to take your camera out in the rain... and I love backlighting (Drew B is my favorite!)!

Prita said...

Thanks, Amber! Yes, the course was through clickin moms! The feedback was awesome and it was great reading the feedback that other's in the class received, as well. I really learned a lot. :)

Amber said...

Hi again! Kelvin white balance will be pretty great in tricky circumstances, I think, once I get it down. I actually used it again today to get color right in camera b/c AWB was way too warm. I hate editing so whatever I can do to reduce that time!! So great again that the Clickin' Moms course was so good. Maybe someday I'll finally invest in one too :)

Amy said...

SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I really love the pics with the umbrella. "undesirable weather conditions"... easy when you live in Seattle.