20 December 2013

Snow Day!

We got a whopping two inches of snow (and the whole state shut down) but by God, we were bound and determined to PLAY in it.
We made the looonggg trek down our street to our neighbors and did some sledding.
Auntie Amy was a trooper (in her PJ'S and 11 weeks pregnant) pulling the kids around the back yard.
Sometimes being the photographer is a little less strenuous! ;)

 My cute girls watching Roderick come down the hill.
We will be heading to the mountain ASAP... sledding is kind of the cat's meow.
Just ask Mara.

Crib Lover

At  2 1/2, we should probably be thinking about getting Mara into a "big girl bed."
But truth be told, this girl LOVES her crib.
She has never crawled out of it and she is just happy as a clam to lay down for naps and bedtime in her "cib" as she calls it!


Rachael's Photography

My sister loves to take pictures with my point and shoot so I often am surprised to find new photos on my camera.
Here were a few that popped up the last time I uploaded - she gets really cute ones that always make me laugh :)

Rachael's BFF, Tatum, with Mara :)


19 December 2013

Sister Reading

I came up the stairs the other day to find this rare moment of peace and quiet.
Sometimes they really redeem themselves. ;)

14 December 2013

Hunting Trip 2013

Sean got to go on his very first hunting trip in early November!
He spent five days in Idaho with his dad, brother and brother-in-law.
He got his very first buck and came back revved up about his new hobby.
Man time at its finest, folks. ;)
Pretty sure I know exactly what Sean will look like in 20 years.

10 December 2013

Chilly Park Days

Our recent weather has been cold, cold, cold.
But it has also been really beautiful and sunny which I love!
I try to get the girls outside as much as I can, even in the cold weather.
We spent a little time at Coulon Park recently on one of these chilly days and though we didn't last too long, I was able to snap some photos of the girls!
They are growing quickly, these girls of mine.