21 December 2016

2016 Santa Photo

It went exactly as I expected it would.
Two happy girls.
One freaked out boy with glue holding his eyebrow together.

Alderbrook Trip

We spent a fun weekend in early November at Alderbrook Resort celebrating Amy's 40th birthday!
I can't believe I had never been to Alderbrook before - what a fun and beautiful place!
It was a fun weekend of eating, drinking, laughing, swimming, spa-ing, chasing a whole lot of kids around and of course, celebrating a very special person! Happy Birthday, Amy!

Prayer Service

Kennedys class led the St. Vincents prayer service last week. Our girl got up and read in front of the whole school! She was so nervous to read and practiced her little heart out for two weeks. She did amazing though and was so confident and proud!

 Kennedy and her new little friend, Zara (whose last name ironically, is,  McKanna! Kinda funny!).
 Becky, Kennedy's ridiculously sweet and wonderful BFF  

08 December 2016


We had a blast going to the Hawks vs. Eagles game on November 20th!
Sean's good college buddy, Chris, and his fiancée, Rachel, were in town too so it was a fun-filled weekend. Before the game, we went to Sluggers and I got to see some of my very favorite college buddies. Such a good time!

Sean and I also celebrated our fifteen year anniversary the same weekend (fifteen years since our first date). Fifteen years. Kind of hard to believe. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

  I have no idea where we're looking. We are awesome selfie takers. :)

Sean's 38th.

Happy 38th to our favorite guy. We love you!

The Hunt.

Every year, I stop and stare (longingly) at the the beautiful, pre-lit, artificial Christmas trees at Costco.
Every year, I tell Sean we should think about getting one.
Every year, he tells me I am nuts. (I married a true-blue Christmas lover).
Every year, we bundle up the weekend after Thanksgiving and, rain or shine, go on a hunt at our favorite Christmas tree farm for ... the perfect tree.
Every year, someone whines and cries, falls in the mud or complains they are cold the entire time.
Every year, Sean or I (often both, usually me) drop an F-bomb (or ten) at some point during the process of getting, chopping, moving, placing, or decorating the tree.
Every year, at least one strand of lights doesn't work on the tree and we end up at target once, twice (or in 2013) THREE times trying to get the damn lights for the damn tree.

Every year, we laugh.
Every year, we hold hands on the way to the Christmas tree farm and Sean says how great Christmas is. I smile and nod... knowing what is headed our direction.
Every year, we go with friends and family... some of us with Bailey's in our coffee and babies on our backs.
Every year I take a ton of pictures that I love to look back on.
Every year, the kids get a little bigger.
Every year, we do, in fact, find the perfect tree.

Every year, memories are made. Special memories.
Every year, it's worth it.

07 December 2016

Aiden (15-18 Months Old)

Oh this boy. My Aiden Sean.
 As of December 2nd, he's 18 months old... a year and a half already.
I haven't written about him in awhile it seems. I almost don't have the words.

He's just.... divine.

He's unbelievably friendly, sweet, snuggly and so engaging.
He makes us all laugh - every single day.
He's adored by absolutely everyone and by no one more than his mama.

For so many reasons, he so often makes me teary.
Happy tears.
Sad tears.
Tears of thanks.

Aiden is as busy as all 18 month old babies are. He's into everything and most particularly - the pantry, the drawers, and the laundry piles. Toys interest him for about 1.2 seconds. But give him a set of keys to jangle around and stick in various spots and he's happy as can be!

Aiden says a handful of words - mama, dada, sissy, Mara, Cooper, Nae-Nae (grandma Nay), papa, shoe, thank you, uh-oh, hi, bye, yeah and his favorite word ... NO. Which actually means yes. Which is so damn funny.

He loves to be outside. To explore. To swing at the park.
He loves the Friday morning parent/tot class I do with him.

He's a great sleeper and still loves his paci (don't all my kids?). He still takes one bottle before bed and his favorite foods are : fruit, noodles, cheese, turkey, broccoli, carrots, goldfish crackers. He's pretty versatile and a good eater overall.

He's left-handed and very blonde and fair-skinned.

He's small for his age - 22 lbs (10th percentile), 32 inches (25th percentile).
He started off his 18th month with a case of bronchitis and an ear infection. He also took a spill in the kitchen and cracked his eyebrow on our step stool resulting in some glue at urgent care.

He's a mama's boy during the day but when daddy walks through the door, I am toast.

We love you sweet boy. So much more than you could ever know.