25 October 2012

Happy Little Helper.

As I put the dishes BACK in the dishwasher for the THIRD time... I felt annoyed.
Annoyed that it was taking so long... annoyed that she kept climbing on the dishwasher and pulling everything out... annoyed that I had to KEEP removing her from the dishwasher that she so proudly climbed up on.

And then I stopped. And thought "wait a minute... stop feeling annoyed... embrace the moment!!"
So I grabbed my camera and captured my happy, smiling, curious baby sitting on the dishwasher.
And I made myself remember that there will be a day in the not so distant future when I will WISH that she was sitting on my dishwasher. A day when I will load the dishwasher in five minutes instead of fifteen.

I will miss this.
And there are days when I really have to remind myself of this.
Today is one of those days.

19 October 2012

Cousin Love

Some of my favorite people in the world are my cousins.
Some of my best memories growing up include my cousins.

Which is why I am so happy that my girls will grow up with their cousins... in particular, the Harvie kiddos.
Roderick and Kennedy are already buds and Mckenna and Mara are well on their way ...


Rise and Shine Sleepy Head

This is what Kennedy looks like when she wakes up in the morning. 
This is what Mara looks like when she wakes up in the morning. 

Truth be told... this is what Kennedy looks like most of the day. 
Gotta love the 3's. 

Sister Story Time

11 October 2012

Wine and Whiskey

We spent last Saturday wine (and whiskey!) tasting in Woodinville!
We had a great time with my cousin Seth and his wife, Erin as well as Sean's cousin Kelly and her husband Mike.

I sure love me some wine.
And Sean sure loved him some whiskey.

Which is how we ended up in the Wendy's drive-thru scarfing down burgers and fries on our way home.
Always a sign of a good time!:)

Please disregard the random man poking his head up in the back.

Schulz Pumpkin Patch

We spent a beautiful, almost-summer like few hours at the Schulz Pumpkin Patch in Sumner.
I am in awe of this amazingly beautiful Fall we have had... generally speaking, Fall is always my favorite time of year and this has been one of my favorites ever! :)

04 October 2012

The Girls.

While taking Mara's 15 month photos yesterday, I snapped some of Kennedy and the two of them together as well... love that I have these two little buggers to practice my photography on! :)

03 October 2012

Mara at 15 Months

Can't believe my littlest lady is already 15 months old!?!?
As I sat down tonight and read the post I wrote when Kennedy was 15 months old, I laughed at how truly similar my two girls are at this age. I could literally cut and paste Kennedy's post and apply it to Mara... including height and weight stats! :)

I won't go into much detail but here are a few special things about Mara that I would like to remember:
** how truly happy she is... this kid always has a smile on her face. And that laugh... oh boy.
** what a lover she is... I lose track of the number of hugs and cuddles I get in one day.
** how petite she is... I forget sometimes until I pick up another baby her age.
** language is slow to come... she understands a lot but only says "mama" and not even that consistently... but in her defense, her sister talks non-stop so getting a word in edgewise is probably difficult :)
** sleeps about 12 hours (7 pm bedtime, awake between 6:30-7 am)...generally napping only once per day
** loves her pacifier (this seems to be a family trait)
** no longer has a bottle

And now for a few photos I snapped this afternoon in our backyard ... They are not as "sharp" as I would have liked... I was experimenting with a lower aperture and focus can get tricky when you do that... :)

And Sean, this ones for you... something about this photo reminds me of you... I see a little of you here which is a rare statement :)

Happy 49th, Mom!

My lovely mama turned 49 (not 1 as the candle might indicate) this past month.
We had a fun little dinner in celebration of her birthday!

I love the expression on Kennedy's face in this photo... she adores her grandma Nay. :)

Tim McGraw

Katie and I had a great time at the Tim McGraw concert!!
It had been awhile since we had a night out together and it was so much fun (despite the very odd couple who sat next  to us!)