25 October 2012

Happy Little Helper.

As I put the dishes BACK in the dishwasher for the THIRD time... I felt annoyed.
Annoyed that it was taking so long... annoyed that she kept climbing on the dishwasher and pulling everything out... annoyed that I had to KEEP removing her from the dishwasher that she so proudly climbed up on.

And then I stopped. And thought "wait a minute... stop feeling annoyed... embrace the moment!!"
So I grabbed my camera and captured my happy, smiling, curious baby sitting on the dishwasher.
And I made myself remember that there will be a day in the not so distant future when I will WISH that she was sitting on my dishwasher. A day when I will load the dishwasher in five minutes instead of fifteen.

I will miss this.
And there are days when I really have to remind myself of this.
Today is one of those days.

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