03 October 2012

Mara at 15 Months

Can't believe my littlest lady is already 15 months old!?!?
As I sat down tonight and read the post I wrote when Kennedy was 15 months old, I laughed at how truly similar my two girls are at this age. I could literally cut and paste Kennedy's post and apply it to Mara... including height and weight stats! :)

I won't go into much detail but here are a few special things about Mara that I would like to remember:
** how truly happy she is... this kid always has a smile on her face. And that laugh... oh boy.
** what a lover she is... I lose track of the number of hugs and cuddles I get in one day.
** how petite she is... I forget sometimes until I pick up another baby her age.
** language is slow to come... she understands a lot but only says "mama" and not even that consistently... but in her defense, her sister talks non-stop so getting a word in edgewise is probably difficult :)
** sleeps about 12 hours (7 pm bedtime, awake between 6:30-7 am)...generally napping only once per day
** loves her pacifier (this seems to be a family trait)
** no longer has a bottle

And now for a few photos I snapped this afternoon in our backyard ... They are not as "sharp" as I would have liked... I was experimenting with a lower aperture and focus can get tricky when you do that... :)

And Sean, this ones for you... something about this photo reminds me of you... I see a little of you here which is a rare statement :)

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