23 April 2015

Spring Weekend at the Beach!

We spent an awesome three days on the Oregon Coast last weekend. 
For Christmas, my mom gave us a two nights stay at the Tolvanna Inn in Cannon Beach so we decided to use it before the baby comes and turns our life upside down. :)
Cannon Beach is one of my absolute favorite places - in fact, it might BE my favorite place. 
It's a great place for a family weekend, a romantic weekend or even a girl's weekend. I have enjoyed all three there and it has never disappointed. Truthfully, I enjoy trips to the beach even more than big trips like Disneyland. Definitely more my pace.
 The beach is relaxing and therapeutic in so many ways. 

I am also going to plug the Tolvanna Inn for a second because it is fantastic for families.
We had a little kitchen, beach view, indoor pool and hot tub and it was pet friendly so we were able to bring Cooper. It's also really affordable (especially this time of year!) which is great too. 

This was our last time getting away just the four of us before our sweet baby boy joins us! 
It was a special weekend and one that I will always remember. 
Cannon Beach is a yearly tradition for our family though so I am already looking forward to next time! 

Our first stop when we arrived was the Taffy shop! We bought taffy obviously but the girls also wanted to spend the allowance money they have earned. They were so cute with their little wallets and $1 bills. Each of them bought a rainbow dash stuffed animal and bubble gum. Mara threw her money on the counter without a second thought. Kennedy (no surprise!) thought long and hard about it and sloowwwly handed her money over. So funny. 

 Cooper was great on the trip but the one downside of him is that he is terrible car anxiety. 
And with his anxiety comes a lot of DROOL. 
We thought having him in his crate for the car ride down would help but it definitely didn't. 
When we took him out of the crate, he was absolutely drenched in drool... so gross! 
This is him right after we arrived, you can see ... he looked a little rough. LOL

Evening beach photos on our first night. Always love to experiment with my camera at the beach and I love the different types of light that can be found. 

Breakfast at our favorite restaurant, the Lazy Susan! 

More time on the beach! 

Coop was in HEAVEN! 

And Sean secured his place as Cooper's favorite person on earth 
by playing fetch and running around with him. 

Kennedy loves to take photos with just Sean and I. Her way of kicking Mara out and accomplishing this is to ask Mara to take the photo which Mara thinks is really cool. Ahhh, siblings. ;)
We spent the last morning of our trip at Hug Point Beach which is about three miles south of Cannon Beach. It's an amazing little spot with cool coves, caves and a waterfall. Since it was a Monday, it was really quiet and we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves! The girls had a great time running around, digging in the sand, walking in the caves
 and pretending to be Elsa by the waterfall! :)

It was a pretty quiet trip home... :)