08 April 2015

Easter 2015

We spent a fun Easter in Mt. Vernon at my Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray's. 
They have a gorgeous backyard and always plan such a great dinner and Easter egg hunt. 
I love getting to see my cousins too, many of whom have moved from Montana to Washington and are spread around the Bellingham-Everett-Bellevue areas now which is so awesome. 
We HAVE to be better about getting together more frequently! 

The girls were really fun this Easter - so completely excited and into the Easter egg hunts. 
They loved their baskets and raced around the house finding eggs early in the morning. 
I cherish these special years, I know they are fleeting. 

We began the day with baskets and breakfast and then went to St. Vincent's Easter Mass. 
It's important to me to go to church on Easter - it adds extra meaning to the holiday and reinforces the fact that, though super fun, Easter isn't just baskets and bunnies! :) 

Speaking of bunnies - how cute are these two?? 

Kennedy was SO excited to wear this maxi-skirt. 
It was really cute... she had it all laid out the night before. 
She told me it was a "grown up skirt" and that she just felt SO pretty in it. :)

Holy baby belly!!

This picture of my little sister Rachael gets me big time. She looks so grown-up and for some reason just gives me a flash of what she is going to look like as an adult. Wow. 

But then this one seems more like her 10 year old self. Phew!! :)
 My cousin Bryan's new baby girl, Jocelyn. Such a little sweetie! 

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