26 April 2016

Selfies and Twin Day

 I randomly find selfies of Kennedy on my phone, and as of late... videos too.
 They always make me laugh - she's such a goofball. 

Kennedy and Becky dressed as twins last week for "Twin Day" at school. 
These two are pretty great friends and I am excited that Becky's younger sister, Michaela, will be in Kindergarten with Mara next year, too. Michaela and Mara also get along great and I envision many years of friendship for the McKenna/Montes girls. 

Office Fun

I was trying to get some editing done the other day and the kids were all in the office driving me CRAZY. 
So I decided to just grab my camera and snap a few photos.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... right?
At least they're cute. 

25 April 2016

Aiden | 10 Months Old

It's a good thing I only have a few more monthly posts before his first year is complete because I am getting slower and slower each month (he is almost 11 months now but here's the 10 month update!). 

It was a big month for our boy! He went on his first vacation to Arizona, he learned to crawl and walk around furniture and has even taken a few steps! 
He also got his first haircut which was kind of a highlight for me this month too. 
I have always just loved little boy haircuts so you can only imagine how much I love HIS. 
Plus I think it's awesome he has enough hair at 10 months to use the clippers! 

Aiden is BUSY. Busy, busy, busy. He's curious about everything and his attention span is approximately one second. When he is down on the floor, we can't take our eyes off of him. He loves electrical outlets, sharp objects and Coopers dog toys and bones (awesome, huh??). He's fast and has no fear. This has earned him a lot of time in the play pen, high chair and stroller so we can maintain our sanity! He's also turned into a great sleeper and an even better eater. He's the happiest kid around and his smile melts my heart every single time. He snuggles like a champ and has an infectious laugh. He's a tough little bugger (you have to be when Mara is your older sister) and he will be running around with the big kids in no time. He's got rolly polly legs and arms. He loves to rub his stinky little feet together and Sean thinks he has athlete's foot... (probably need to get that checked!). 
He's wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes (when I think to put them on him). He's still loving his bottles and in keeping with tradition, has a strong obsession with his pacifier. I just moved him into his big boy convertible car seat. Aiden spends a lot of time in the car as I shuttle the girls from school to soccer and from here to there. 

He continues to be our very special little guy and I think he's special to a lot of people. 
My friends love all over him ... he's kind of the community baby. 
Everyone's kids are getting a little older and he's the smallest one now so he gets lots of attention and loves.  Sean's dad (Aiden's papa) says he has the soul of two babies and I think that's true. 

We love you little man.  

10 April 2016

the Catholic Harvies.

Amy and Harv have spent the past year participating in the RCIA program at St. Vincents to become Catholic. They completed the program this Easter and we attended their baptisms/confirmations at Easter Vigil Mass. We were also honored when they asked us to be Roderick's godparents! Despite growing up in the Catholic Church, I had never been to Easter Vigil Mass... I will quote my mom for a second as every year she used to say "Lets decide which Mass we are going to on Easter Sunday because we are NOT going on Saturday night to watch all those people become Catholic." LOL!

So Easter Vigil was a first for us and I thought it was so cool! So glad we got to be a part of this special phase in the Harvies' lives. A few weeks before the Vigil service, they had their marriage blessed by Fr. Bill. We now refer to that service as their "second wedding." Ha!

 These photos were taken at 11:30 at night so Roderick was less than thrilled with one more photo!