30 November 2010

Turkey Day(s) 2010

What a fun Thanksgiving we had this year! On Thanksgiving morning, we drove to Mt. Vernon where Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray hosted a fantastic dinner. A couple of my aunts and uncles and my cousin, Heidi, came from Montana to join us. Pat and Shelley and the girls came from Bellingham. We had a big, fun group to celebrate the holiday with!

We managed to set the self-timer and get a group shot of everyone! 
A photo of all the kids (all girls!) How sweet are they?
Emily (at the top)
Madison and Abby
Rachael, Ava, Paige
Four of the eight Simons siblings... my mom, Aunt Jeanie, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike
And, a photo of all the first cousins that were there...
granted, we are missing about 20 people if we wanted to get a "true" first cousin shot but we take what we can get! :)
Rachael and Paige
my cousin Pat and his wife Shelley... I LOVE them!

Aunt Sharon and Aunt Jeanie... truly great ladies
a cute photo of Kennedy with Uncle Ralph
The day after Thanksgiving, we drove to Camano Island and had another delicious Thanksgiving feast with Sean's mom's side of the family...
Kennedy, Tyler and Roderick...
funny to think all three of these kiddos will welcome a new little brother or sister in 2011!
David and Heather
Linda and Tyler

The three preggos... Heather at 18 weeks, Amy at 25 weeks and me at almost 9 weeks.

24 November 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Oh how I love the snow! It reminds me of all the sledding my cousins and I used to do in Montana when we were kids. We got about 4 inches at our house this week and it was Kennedy's first real experience with snow. She wasn't really sure what to think about it, but, true to form, she was not going to give up even when she was clearly very cold out there with Daddy. The two of them had fun making a snowman and throwing a few snowballs. Sweet memories!
The finished product... pretty cute snowman if you ask me!

08 November 2010

Celebration Park Photos

Kennedy and I spent some time at Celebration Park playing in the leaves. Since this is my favorite season of the year, I wanted to get a few photos of Kennedy in the beautiful fall colors!