22 March 2013

Little Gymnast

Kennedy started taking a weekly gymnastics class a couple of months ago and she LOVE, LOVE, LOVES it. It is super fun to watch her... I get a big kick out of her bony little white bod in her leotard, too :) 

Her teacher says she is a "bar monkey" which I take as a good sign.
For being so petite, she sure is powerful. She leaps straight into the air and grabs that darn bar every time.

But don't kid yourself... this is not all about skill... this is social hour too.
Her preschool buddy, Leighton, is also in her class and they have a grand 'ole time playing and visiting through the entire class. More than once, Ms. Tammy has had to tell them to stop talking.
Yes, she is her mother's daughter and appreciates a good social hour! :)

19 March 2013

My Mara-girl

A Cousin Thing.

High heels, PJ's, pacifiers, baby dolls, snotty noses... it's a cousin thing.

So is a little idle chit-chat...

And belly button poking...

 Love these girls.
They are well on their way to becoming just as tight of friends as their older siblings are.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My little Irish-Italian-Basque ladies on St. Paddy's Day!
These were hard-earned photos I might add.
Each girl charged 4 mini-cadbury eggs to sit for these pictures. :)

Our Murray Friends

Katie, Finn and Nora came over for a playdate last week which was so fun!
We had not gotten our kids together in awhile.... typically, Katie and I like to just ditch the kids and meet for happy hour somewhere (ahem... see you Sunday, Kate!!)

We definitely need to get this four-some together more often, however, as they got along SO well.
You would think they saw each other every day given how easily they interacted!

We have lots of cute photos of our kids together over the past few years. It's amazing how fast they are growing!
Click here, here and here to see some oldies but goodies :)

13 March 2013

Grandpa Hot Dog

Sean's beloved grandpa passed away this past week. 
He was a great man and he will be dearly missed. 
The girls and I were lucky to go to his retirement home last month and celebrate his 81st birthday with him. 
So glad we went... so glad I snapped a few photos. 
He was affectionately called "Senior" and "Grandpa Hot Dog" due to the fact that his name was 
John, Sr. and that he loved hot dogs. :) 

I am also posting a few of our favorite photos of him over the years. 
Rest in peace, grandpa. 
We miss you already. 

08 March 2013

Day of Cousin Fun

Amy had to work yesterday and Roderick and Mckenna's usual babysitter was unavailable so they spent the day with us.

The thought of watching four kids under the age of four can be a bit mind boggling but in actuality, they were so good and played so well together... it was actually pretty easy. Well... sorta easy. ;)

I've said it so many times but I love that my kids get to see their cousins so much.
I have no doubt these we are building lifelong, special relationships here.

Little Readers... Best Friends

It was oddly quiet the other day and I walked into Kennedy's room to find this lovely scene... 

So of course little sis had to join in... 

I love, love, love this photo. 
It is so Mara. 
Paci in. Hand playing with hair. 
That's my girl.