18 June 2014

Sister Piggy Back Rides

Kennedy was so excited that she was "big enough" to give Mara a piggy back ride.
She seemed a little winded afterwards.
Not surprising since Mara only weighs 5 lbs less than her.
She pretty much gave herself a piggy back ride.

We Love You Dad!

This was Sean's Father's Day gift.
It took me approximately 50 shots to get it.
Mara did not understand what it meant to "open your hands wide."
But finally, we got it. And he loved it.

A few outtakes...

Pedis, Picnics and Girl Time

Kennedy informed me "we are just getting Pedi's mom."
Enjoying our Costco picnic table.

the McKenna and Williams girls

My girls have a great time with Heidi's little girls which of course we love!
Here are a few phone pics from early May.

Their mamas love each other just as much so it works out well.
And apparently we love to dress the same as well?!?!

Mara's FIRST haircut!

At almost three years of age, I finally took Mara in for her very first haircut.
This kid has come crazy hair - she has cowlicks all over her head. I am in a constant quandary over WHAT to do with her mop. So I decided to get it trimmed up ... she loved getting her hair cut and felt pretty big and cool like big sis.


Kennedy is an old hat at getting her haircut and she even got a little riskayy by actually letting the lady wash her hair this time instead of just using the water bottle. She likes to live on the wild side.

Swimming Lessons

The girls are taking swimming lessons two evenings a week at our local YMCA.
They are doing so great - I can't believe how much improvement they have both made in only four short weeks. I am planning to sign them up for the next two sessions - excited to see their continued growth. Here are a few phone photos I have snapped during their lessons.

The girls really love the warm showers they get to take after their swimming lessons... :)

And Kennedy REALLY loves to play with the detachable shower head in the handicap shower stall.
Oh the small pleasures in life... 

16 June 2014

Father's Day 2014

It is hard to put into words the love and appreciation I have for this guy.
Truly, he is an amazing husband and father.
He takes wonderful care of his little girls... and his grown-up girl too (especially as of late!).
We love you Sean... Happy Father's day.
A few of my favorite photos over his past five years of fatherhood.
(Click to Enlarge)

And a few more that I didn't have room for in the collage...

12 June 2014

Pre-K... CHECK!

Kennedy finished out a great year in Pre-K this week.
I am blown away by the growth she made this year both emotionally and academically.

Pre-K taught her to:
- have more confidence
- make new friends (Becky, Stella, Tori, Claire, Isabel, Isabella, Preston, etc).
- love her teachers (Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Rhodes)
- know and write each letter
- understand letter sounds
- write a handful of words independently and any word with help
- know the months of the year in order
- know the days of the week in order
- understand numbers
- color in the lines (she is SO good!)
- understand Jesus better
- sit quietly during school Mass  (even though she tells me it "takes WAY too long Mom!")

Having Kennedy at St. Vincents has been wonderful and we are so happy with the education and morals/values she is receiving there. I spent eight years in Catholic school myself so it brings back a lot of great memories. I wouldn't trade the foundation it gave me for anything. I feel blessed that my girls will have the same opportunity.

Kennedy is so excited for Kindergarten and though it makes me pretty sad these days to think of her being gone all day next year... I am also so very happy for her and I am excited to see her to begin her school journey. I know she will love it and I am excited to see the little girl that will develop because of it.

A few photos from the last few days of Pre-K. :)

Kennedy with Mrs. Hendricks 

And with her other teacher Mrs. Rhodes 
School Friends!
Becky, Stella, Kennedy
Mara hanging with the big kids.
She already thinks her big sister's friends are "SO COOL!."

Becky, Tori, Stella, Kennedy, Dante, Jaden

Kennedy's fav friend, Becky

05 June 2014

Arizona 2014

We spent another wonderful week in Arizona at the end of April.
It was relaxing, hot, sun-filled week with the girls, grandma, aunt Kim and the Harvie family.

We were hit with a family tragedy only two weeks after returning from this trip. (When I am ready, I will write more about it). I will always look back on these photos with a bittersweet feeling as we were just so blissfully happy and unaware of what was headed our direction. Life is so unbelievably unpredictable and things really can change in an instant.