28 February 2011

Our New Niece

We were so excited to meet our new niece, Mckenna Rose, this evening! She was born this afternoon and weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz. She is such a beautiful baby! Congrats Amy, Harv and Roderick!

Seeing this little sweetie made me sooo excited to meet our little girl this summer!

big brother Roderick checking things out from the wheelchair :)
Excited aunt and uncle!
Kennedy and Roderick are SUCH good friends- it will be fun to watch our next set of kids be great friends as well! 

26 February 2011

22 Weeks (5 1/2 months)

This pregnancy is moving right along- this weekend I am 22 weeks or 5 1/2 months. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy (far more than with Kennedy, which I feel bad saying). But when I think about it, it makes sense that this one feels better. With Kennedy, I was teaching first grade full time and had 28 students! I was exhausted. On top of that, I was getting my Master's Degree AND Professional Certification. Phew! Everyone said chasing Kennedy around during this pregnancy would make it seem harder but it has been a piece of cake in comparison.

I am consistently feeling this little gal move around too which is always my favorite part of being pregnant!

Here is a photo flashback to 22 weeks pregnant with Kennedy- I find it funny that I was still wearing my regular jeans at 22 weeks... I was so determined to hold off on maternity clothes. This time, I "threw the towel" in early and broke out the maternity clothes at 16 weeks! :)

Friday Photo

"A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."

The other day, she said to me "C'mon Mama."
Well alrighty then.

20 February 2011

29 and Feelin' Fine

The beauty of not being able to drink at your own birthday party is that you wake up refreshed and ready to blog at 8:20 a.m. the following morning!

I had such a fun 29th birthday! The day began with an IHOP breakfast with my little family- I love going out to breakfast so it was a special treat. Then Amy and I met for much-needed manicures and pedicures (Amy, remember when the lady there said she didn't know you were pregnant... and you are due in a week... hmmm..)  LOL!

Later, my sweet mom babysat our sick daughter for us so we could meet friends for dinner at the Matador! There ended up being about 15 of us and it was a blast. Since most of us have kids now, it is always fun when we can get together for an evening that is kiddo-free! We had to wait in the bar for quite a while before our table was ready and as usual, the girls stood together talking a mile a minute and the guys stood together talking about... hmm... well, I have no idea. Probably sports? :)

Margaret, me, Cassidy, Sarah and Heidi
Kjell and Vanessa and Amy joined us later but these were the only two pictures I took.
Kevin, Sean, Danny, Brian, John and the other Brian

Looking forward to this 29th year! I think it is going to be a good one.

18 February 2011

Dear Kennedy... on your 2nd Birthday

Okay, I promise this will be my last post regarding Kennedy's 2nd birthday! As an eternal lover of natural, candid photographs, I even surprised myself when I took Kennedy to good 'ol JcPenney for a few studio portraits. I decided I should at least get a few studio shots of her but to be honest, I didn't have high expectations. I envisioned cheesy backgrounds and the cliched photos of my own youth. Sorry, Mom, but do I need to bring up the infamous studio shots taken at Christmas when I was 7? Lets just say, we both gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "big hair."

To avoid the previously mentioned "cheesy background" I asked the photographer to stick to black and white backgrounds and I was actually really surprised at how cute they turned out! Kennedy was a bit nervous but eventually warmed up and appropriately "hammed it up" for the camera as only our girl can do!

Kennedy had her two-year check-up this past week. She continues to be in the 5th percentile for weight (22.6 lbs) and in the 10th-15th percentile for height (32 inches). As her daddy so accurately puts it... "she is small but mighty." Oh so true.

We are experiencing all kinds of "toddler-isms" with our girl. She is sweet and cuddly one moment and the next she is frustrated and mad because she can't get a shirt on her doll. She loves to give hugs to her little friends and cousins but for the most part, has no problem defending her territory and what is hers. Just ask her cousin Roderick who has taken a few hits and pushes from her! And so, we begin a bit of discipline with the occasional (okay, not that occasional) time-out. Many kids will get up from time-out but not Kennedy. She sits there and cries as if I have crushed her feelings beyond repair. I am hoping this sensitivity to getting in trouble will continue well into the teenage-years!

Four months ago, I sat down and wrote all the words that Kennedy knew. It totaled about 35 words. Now, I would say we have tripled that amount and she knows close to 100+ words. She is beginning to put many two and three word sentences together such as "I want nack (snack)", "here go Mama" (as she hands me something), "dadda go bye-bye," "sissy go home" (in reference to Rachael) and "kiddy so cute." I wouldn't say she is ahead of the curve in speech development but I do think she is right on and we are enjoying all the progress we see. More than anything, it is so fun to actually be able to talk to her and have her communicate her needs and wants back.

Though we aren't sure where she puts it all, this girl likes to eat. More accurately, she likes to snack which is making meal time a bit challenging as it is difficult to get her to eat a quality meal in one sitting. Our pediatrician says not to fight this and to just offer healthy snacks. He says snacks are important and that at this age, getting food in her belly is the most important thing. A few favorite foods include (but seem to change weekly) waffles, pasta, peas, green beans, cereal, and fruit of any kind. Oh yeah and "pop-pop" (popcorn) remains a twice weekly evening tradition.

Yes, Kennedy still has a pacifier and no, we haven't started potty training. All in good time... good mommy-motivated time.

We have four months left as a family of three. Four Months. I find myself trying to cherish this time. Once it passes, we can never go back. We won't want to because by then we will have fallen in love... again ... with another little girl. Nonetheless, I cherish these months of one-on-one time with our first-born, before she becomes a big sister.  Our precious girl who, two years ago, made us parents.

And now I return to a few candids...

Dear Kennedy, 
My wishes for you at two are no different than what they will be for you at forty-two. May you live a life of happiness and may it be filled with love and laughter. May you work hard and find success and appreciation in all you do. May you never take the small things for granted because they will be what truly make your life. May you understand the value of family, friends, and most importantly... yourself. Get an education, travel and enjoy good food. Make mistakes but learn from them and apologize if necessary.

And by the way, your dad wishes these things for you too, he just isn't a writer. :)

We love you Tinkie!

14 February 2011

Kennedy's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Kennedy's 2nd birthday at the Little Gym. She takes a toddler gymnastics class there once a week and they also host birthday parties. It was really fun to celebrate her birthday with all her little cousins and friends. There were 12 kids and about 20 adults so it was quite a part-ay! The kids spent about 45 minutes in the gym playing and doing fun activities like the parachute and air mattress. Then we gathered in another room for pizza, cupcakes and presents!

Happy 2nd birthday Kennedy Renee! We love you more than you will ever know.

12 February 2011

Baby Girl Stuff, Take Two

Having another baby girl means that I get to use Kennedy's "baby stuff" all over again- her pink carseat, her pink bouncy seat, and the bins and bins of cute girl clothes, just to name a few.

However, I can't resist getting just a few new things for our new baby girl. Although this bedding set isn't actually "new," it is new to us. This was my sister Rachael's crib set... it is almost brand new and from Pottery Barn so it has held up really well. I was so excited when my mom said she saved it. I am looking forward to decorating the new baby's room in pinks, yellows and blues!

And, I decided she needed her very own "coming home from the hospital outfit" so I picked this up for her the other day. Kennedy wore premie clothes for the first two weeks of her life and I am assuming this little one will be small as well. Still can't believe how small it actually is!

Oh how excited I am to meet and hold this little girl!

10 February 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

It's official- we have entered the 2's! Kennedy is two years old today and I can't believe how fast time is going!

I had to work today so last night we made cupcakes for Kennedy to take to Stacie's house to share with Madelynne and Will. Stacie emailed me this cute picture of her enjoying her cupcake with a birthday hat. :)

After dinner, Sean and I took her out for frozen yogurt. Needless to say, that was a hit!

And, a few photos of her with her birthday present from us (a pretty awesome little keyboard!) I had actually gotten it for her for Christmas but she was so spoiled at Christmas from so many people that I decided to save it for her birthday. 

We are having a Little Gym birthday party for her this weekend so stay tuned for more photos!
Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet girl!

06 February 2011


What is even more wonderful than having one sweet, adorable, precious daughter?

Having two!

My 18-week ultrasound revealed another baby girl in the making! She is healthy and growing beautifully. We really couldn't feel happier or more blessed!

The fact that we will have two daughters is wonderful. The fact that they will have eachother is even more special.

Whether they were born two years apart or two decades apart, sisters are one of life's greatest gifts.

02 February 2011

Impromptu Zoo Trip

My friend Melissa called me this morning to ask if Kennedy and I wanted to meet her and Abbey at the Woodland Park Zoo. I looked around our apartment which was in desperate need of a cleaning and looked in our fridge which was in desperate need of groceries and quickly replied "Yes! Let's go to the zoo!" It was a chilly and beautifully sunny day (my favorite weather combo). So I bundled up my girl and off we went!

Kennedy and Abbey checking out the monkeys
Melissa and Abbey
Kennedy and I
Days like this are why I love working part-time. It is such a nice balance of work and play!
When Kennedy is grown up and off on her own adventures, I know I will look back on impromptu zoo trips with great fondness and feel so grateful for the time.