12 February 2011

Baby Girl Stuff, Take Two

Having another baby girl means that I get to use Kennedy's "baby stuff" all over again- her pink carseat, her pink bouncy seat, and the bins and bins of cute girl clothes, just to name a few.

However, I can't resist getting just a few new things for our new baby girl. Although this bedding set isn't actually "new," it is new to us. This was my sister Rachael's crib set... it is almost brand new and from Pottery Barn so it has held up really well. I was so excited when my mom said she saved it. I am looking forward to decorating the new baby's room in pinks, yellows and blues!

And, I decided she needed her very own "coming home from the hospital outfit" so I picked this up for her the other day. Kennedy wore premie clothes for the first two weeks of her life and I am assuming this little one will be small as well. Still can't believe how small it actually is!

Oh how excited I am to meet and hold this little girl!

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