26 February 2011

22 Weeks (5 1/2 months)

This pregnancy is moving right along- this weekend I am 22 weeks or 5 1/2 months. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy (far more than with Kennedy, which I feel bad saying). But when I think about it, it makes sense that this one feels better. With Kennedy, I was teaching first grade full time and had 28 students! I was exhausted. On top of that, I was getting my Master's Degree AND Professional Certification. Phew! Everyone said chasing Kennedy around during this pregnancy would make it seem harder but it has been a piece of cake in comparison.

I am consistently feeling this little gal move around too which is always my favorite part of being pregnant!

Here is a photo flashback to 22 weeks pregnant with Kennedy- I find it funny that I was still wearing my regular jeans at 22 weeks... I was so determined to hold off on maternity clothes. This time, I "threw the towel" in early and broke out the maternity clothes at 16 weeks! :)


Kate said...

You look great -- and I think we all break out the maternity clothes earlier the second time around! I love your blog updates too!

Heidi said...

You look wonderful Pri! Love u!