26 February 2015

Days with Mara

Mara and I spend a lot of great time together while Kennedy is at school during the day. 
We go for walks with Cooper, read lots of books, run errands, etc.
She is definitely my little sidekick. 
I feel lucky to be able to work in her preschool classroom every couple of weeks and I know I will always cherish this special time I have had with her once she is off at school like her big sis.
 Love my Mara-girl! 

Pottery Painting

For Kennedy's birthday activity (instead of a party), she got to invite two school friends (and Mara) to go do something fun. She decided painting pottery sounded pretty fun so Sean and I took Kennedy, Mara, Stella and Becky out to lunch and to paint pottery the Saturday after her birthday.
 After lunch, Becky and Stella came back to our house to play for a couple of hours. 
It was a lot of fun, easy, and the perfect amount of kids. 
And the best part... I didn't have to clean my house afterwards! Ha! Big parties may be over for us! :)

11 February 2015

| Kennedy is 6! |

Our big girl turned 6 this week!
Time sure does move fast, doesn't it?
One of my favorite quotes about raising kids - "the days are long but the years are short" holds so much truth and I think of it every time one of my kids has a birthday.
But while I miss the baby she once was, I so enjoy the little girl that she is.
And that's how it works right?
We love and cherish the past and we enjoy and live in the present.
Pretty cool really.
We had a little family pizza party for her on her real birthday and this weekend we are taking her and two of her little school friends to paint pottery and out to lunch. She is so excited!


| Leavenworth 2014 |

I am a little delayed with this post but I finally just got all of these photos uploaded and wanted to make sure they were included in my blog book this year.
We spent the week after Christmas and over the New Year in Leavenworth with Sean's side of the family. We had a great time and the girls had so much fun playing with all of their cousins. We all shared one big house ... with 9 kids and 9 adults, it was chaotic and busy but great fun all at once!
Our week consisted of lots of eating, lots of visiting, lots of ping-pong, lots of snow play, an evening in town, an awesome sleigh ride, some skiing, some snoeshoeing and a fun New Years Eve.
Amy did most of the photo taking this year but here are a few that I took over the week.
I know these are photos that we will look back on with great fondness as all the kids grow up.
Cousins really are the best!