30 January 2010

Our Big Girl

Kennedy is now in her big girl car seat! Although she still fits in her infant seat, she seemed ready to sit up more and she loves looking out the window. Here she is trying it out in our living room before we put it in the car. This was a tough transition for me for some reason... it made me really sad to think that she wouldn't be in the baby seat anymore.
What am I going to do when she starts kindergarten?
Almost exactly one year ago, we brought her home
in her infant seat.
Look how small she was in it!

Good Morning!

Every morning, this is how I find tinker toos. Most of the time, she is patiently waiting for me to come get her out of her crib. She will sit in her crib babbling and jabbering for quite some time before she finally stands up and says "Ma? Ma-Ma?"
I love it so much.
And this is the smile I receive when she sees me... :)

Poor Roderick

Every week, the Harvies and grandma LeeAnn come over for dinner and American Idol. Last week, Amy forgot Roderick's pajamas soooo he had to wear a pair of Kennedy's! Yep, thats right. He wore a pair of pink dinosaur pajamas. It didn't really phase him, probably because he has had to endure many pink objects at our house... the pink bouncy seat, pink activity jumper, pink bumbo...
he has even had to wear a few pink bibs at our house.
Poor little man!
Needless to say, we got quite a kick out of this cute little guy in girl pj's. More importantly, this photo will work as a great piece of bribery someday. :) We love Squeaks!

26 January 2010

A Preview?

"What Mom? I'm busy." Hoping this look of annoyance is not a preview of the
teenager years! ;)

24 January 2010

My Loves

18 January 2010

New Developments

Kennedy is changing and growing by the day. So far, this eleventh month has brought on some of the more significant developments and cute habits. Unfortunately, her ecezma is still in full force as you can see in the picture below. Some days you can barely see it and other days, it is irritated and angry. We are hoping it will be better once warmer, spring weather arrives. This is one of my favorite new habits... the index finger! It is always out- ready to point at anything and everything. The best part is that as she points, she whispers as if to say, "what is that?" in the quietest little voice.
The two picture below indicate tinker too's (yes, this is a nickname) desire to get into the cupboards and pantry. She is just itching to pull everything out... fortunately, Sean put hooks on the cupboards last week. :)

The "arms up" is another favorite. When she wants to be picked up, she will now raise her arms up. I love it when she crawls right up to my leg and does her best to crawl up it.
Kennedy continues to be completely enthralled by her Auntie Rachael. Rachael can get her to laugh so hard she can barely catch her breath. The other night, Rach brought over her mesh clothes hamper and the two girls had a heck of a time playing in it. Kennedy tends to get the short end of the straw however... note who is in the hamper and who is out ;)
Kennedy staring up at her auntie with complete adoration...
Another favorite thing about my girl is her ability to entertain herself with her books and toys. I will often find her sitting in the corner looking at books... you know I love that!
Digging in her toy basket...

11 January 2010

Eleven Months?!?!

Miss Kennedy Renee turned eleven months on January 10th... I really can't believe how fast the year has gone!
Her personality is shining through these days... what a fun-loving girl she is! That smile lights up a room and we love her laugh. Here are a few of her new interests and accomplishments:
*** Kennedy is eating virtually everything... no more jarred baby food for her! She loves spaghetti noodles, vanilla wafers, veggies, mandarin oranges, turkey and ham. She still likes a few bottles a day but definitley prefers real food!
*** Says "ma-ma" all the time and with great clarity. Unfortunatley, the word "da-da" has fallen by the wayside this month (sorry, Sean). No doubt, she will pick it up again soon though. She certainly loves her daddy though-her face lights up like a Christmas tree when he walks through the door each evening.
*** Still no teeth.
*** She is becoming a little dancer... whenever we play music, she bounces up and down. I am having a hard time capturing this on video but hope to get a clip up soon. It is beyond cute.
*** Kennedy loves books and playing with her toys. She loves our cat, Max. She loves her Auntie Rachael and cousin Roderick. And, I think she kinda loves us too ;) I sure love it when she crawls up to my leg and puts her arms up for me to pick her up. Nothing better...

Kennedy in Action

We have taken a lot of video of Kennedy over the past 11 months but I haven't been good about uploading them. Here is my effort to incorporate more video into the blog. Both of these were taken within the last week...as you can see, our girl is pretty close to walking and is quite verbal already!

the River

Sean and Harv taking the babes out for a walk along the river. Kennedy is pretty excited. :)
How cute is her hat??? Kennedy and Aunt Lynn
We spent the weekend near Vancouver visiting Sean's aunt and uncle as well as our friends, Bryan and Jeanne. I was not good at taking pictures this weekend- these are all photos that I stole from Amy. I didn't get any of Bryan and Jeanne or many of our other relatives. It is a BEAUTIFUL place and we had a wonderful time!

Baby Playdate

The babes had a playdate today. Katie brought Finn over and I was already babysitting Roderick so it worked out great. It was funny to see these kiddos in their various stages of development. Roderick (5 1/2 months), the calm and quiet observer. Finn (7 months), showing off his newly acquired skill of sitting up. And Kennedy (11 months), the petite little menace... into everything!

03 January 2010

Welcome 2010!

For the second year in a row, we celebrated New Years Eve with our great friends, the Marti Family (Bill, Sarah, Hailey & Dane). We had a great evening... my mom and Rachael joined us for awhile too. Bill and Sarah were only planning on staying two nights but we were having such a great time, they stayed three! We look forward to many more New Years' together!

Santa Photo... a little late

I didn't get Kennedy's picture with Santa and Mrs. Clause taken until the 21st of December so they didn't have it ready by Christmas. I received it today in my email though and
was still excited that we got such a great smile out of her.
Year One Santa Picture receives an A++.