03 January 2010

Welcome 2010!

For the second year in a row, we celebrated New Years Eve with our great friends, the Marti Family (Bill, Sarah, Hailey & Dane). We had a great evening... my mom and Rachael joined us for awhile too. Bill and Sarah were only planning on staying two nights but we were having such a great time, they stayed three! We look forward to many more New Years' together!

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Anonymous said...

SO ADORABLE PRITA! Thats it! I am starting my blog TODAY! You are so good at posting and your comments always make me laugh. I want to be cool like you and Katie! I may be calling with questions so look out! I love the pictures of the kids under the table. It looks like Rachael and Hailey have become good friends. Too bad the Marti's don't live closer! It was great to see them this weekend! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! :-)

- Amy Harvie