11 January 2010

Eleven Months?!?!

Miss Kennedy Renee turned eleven months on January 10th... I really can't believe how fast the year has gone!
Her personality is shining through these days... what a fun-loving girl she is! That smile lights up a room and we love her laugh. Here are a few of her new interests and accomplishments:
*** Kennedy is eating virtually everything... no more jarred baby food for her! She loves spaghetti noodles, vanilla wafers, veggies, mandarin oranges, turkey and ham. She still likes a few bottles a day but definitley prefers real food!
*** Says "ma-ma" all the time and with great clarity. Unfortunatley, the word "da-da" has fallen by the wayside this month (sorry, Sean). No doubt, she will pick it up again soon though. She certainly loves her daddy though-her face lights up like a Christmas tree when he walks through the door each evening.
*** Still no teeth.
*** She is becoming a little dancer... whenever we play music, she bounces up and down. I am having a hard time capturing this on video but hope to get a clip up soon. It is beyond cute.
*** Kennedy loves books and playing with her toys. She loves our cat, Max. She loves her Auntie Rachael and cousin Roderick. And, I think she kinda loves us too ;) I sure love it when she crawls up to my leg and puts her arms up for me to pick her up. Nothing better...

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