19 August 2015

Summer Weekend at the Island

We spent a fun summer weekend mid-July at Anderson Island with the Williams and Harvie families. We are so fortunate to be able to take our families there and create such amazing memories! 

Cousin Love

My kids are blessed with many, many cousins all in close age proximity! 
They have had a blast with all of their cousins this summer! 

Kennedy and Roderick at their week-long Nature Camp! 


When I think back on this summer, I think I will always remember the mornings most. 
We have had a lot of lazy, relaxing mornings spent in pj's and the mornings are typically when I have grabbed my camera and gotten photos of the kids. 
These are some of Aidens first, goofy smiles and they crack me up. 
I am going to miss these mornings as school starts and we head into our fall routine. 

These two photos are just pretty much a realistic peek into my crazy life right now. 
Three kids. One dog. And a lot of noise. 

Aiden | Two Months Old

Aiden at two months... 

- 11 lbs, 10 oz and about 22 1/2 inches long (15th percentile for weight and height). 
- Virtually sleeping through the night in his bassinet ( about 9:00 pm - about 4:30 am, wakes up and drinks a 6 oz bottle and back to sleep for 2+ more hours). 
- Is a NEW baby on his NEW Similac Sensitive formula - we spent a good portion of July and August with a moderately colicky baby and it was NO fun.... since the formula switch, he is a much happier little guy (and we are much happier parents!). 
- Continues to be SMOTHERED, I mean... ahhemm, loved on by his big sisters. 
- Discovered his smile! I had kind of forgotten how stinking CUTE it is when babies start to smile... oh man, his smile just melts my heart. 
- Loves his swing, loves to be held. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from his second month. We had two sessions with the two month sticker - couldn't decide which ones I liked better so I will just post both. 

We love you little man! 
Smiles for the middle sis! 
Hanging with cousin Kyler   

Our attempt at a mama-baby selfie... definitely not my forte! 
And Aiden looks a bit uncomfortable with it as well. LOL

 His "Harrison Ford" smile 

We received a special handwritten congratulatory note from our favorite doctor this month after I sent him Aiden's birth announcement. Dr. Case was the doctor who initially diagnosed Lexie with her heart condition and he helped us through that first monumentally heartbreaking ultrasound and continued to be a support to us in the days, weeks and months following. 
 He will always hold a very special place in our hearts.