27 January 2012

25 January 2012

Lovin' on the Little One

Mara and Friends

Mara with her friend Nora and cousin McKenna.

22 January 2012

the Tulalip

With five kids between us...the four of us were pretty excited to spend an adults-only night at the Tulalip Resort and Casino.
The Marti's are one of our very favorite couples and we always, always have so much fun with them.
Poor Bill, however, picked up a stomach bug that decided to run its course during our night.
He was a trooper despite not feeling well.
Unfortunately, he was not able able to induldge in our delicious dinner or our many cocktails.
This just gives us an excuse to plan another trip soon when he is feeling well and can really enjoy himself!

20 January 2012

Made With Love.

No doubt about that.

Undercover Photographer

Sean is a great photographer but since I have taken over/monopolized the photos in our house, his photographic skills have taken a back seat.

Last night he grabbed the camera and snapped a few great shots around our house...

19 January 2012


I don't want to forget to add this gem (courtesy of etsy.com) into our 2012 blog book.
Katie, you will be happy to see I have hidden the address and details.
Thank you for making me more safety-conscious. :)

Our sweet tinker-toozy-moozy is turning 3 in a few weeks.
Seems like just yesterday I was 26 (not almost 30) and I held this sweet thing in my arms for the first time.
Stay tuned for a lengthy, wordy 'ode to my oldest girl as her birthday gets closer.

Ice, Ice, Baby.

It's a pain in the you-know-what.
But it sure is beautiful.

What's Cookin' Hot Shhtuff?

I enjoying cooking, baking, entertaining... and eating.
Which is probably why I am hanging on to those 10 pesky pounds.

For those of you who enjoy cooking as well, I have come across some great food blogs... here are two of my favorites:



16 January 2012

Cuddle Bugs

I often walk into Mara's room to check on her during a nap and I find big sister in the crib too. 
This is somewhat annoying because she has obviously woken Mara up...
but mostly, it makes my heart jump because they love each other so much... as sisters should.

15 January 2012

Snow Day

The first snow of the winter came today.
The snow falls and ... BAM... I am 8 years old again,  sledding down the hill at the middle school in
Shelby, Montana.
My cousins and I are laughing, laughing, laughing.
My grandparents  lab, Lady Drew, is trailing behind us, black against the snow.

In reality, those days are over but it is equally enjoyable to watch my daughter romp in the snow with her cousins and aunties. She is still so young but memories are being made and they are good.



Sibling love....

Auntie-Niece Love...

12 January 2012

Mara at 6 1/2 Months.

I am always amazed at how quickly six months can pass by.
Half of a year over.
Most of a school-year gone.
A complete change in season.

In our house, a newborn became an infant.
An infant who smacks her lips... and sticks her tongue out... and loves her feet.

And makes cute expressions...

And sticks her tongue out... and loves her feet...

She sits up now...

And those eyes are getting bigger... and more blue... and more heartwarming by the day...

She's eating solid food...

And she likes it. 

Little hands that are constantly grabbing, pulling, exploring...

Did I mention...She loves her feet?

Our baby girl, our sweet Mara. Happy 6-months.
It feels like you have been with us much longer than half of a year.

~ Sleeping 7 pm- 3amish (drinks bottle), back to sleep until 7:30-8ish
~ Sitting up, but can't be left unattended yet
~ Is becoming more used to solids- loves sweet potatoes and pears

~ 14.12 lbs (18th percentile)
~ 26 in long (50th percentile)

Dr. Ory says you are "long and lean." Wish someone would say that about me.