03 January 2012

Adventures in Leavenworth and a Happy New Year

For the first time in more than five years, we went on a mini-vacation with the McKenna side of the family.
We stayed in a big, beautiful house about 30 minutes outside of Leavenworth.
It was crazy and chaotic but a whole lot of fun!
A lot has happened in those five years (including the arrival of 8 grandchildren!).
It was a much-needed trip... bonding took place, memories were made, a lot of food was eaten, a lot of RISK was played, movies were watched, New Years horns were blown and champagne was poured, kisses for the New Year were given, cousins played and played...

But, most importantly....
We discovered that Chris hopes to spend a significant amount of time reading bibliographies some day. :)

The plan is to go again next year. Already looking forward to it...

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