15 January 2012

Snow Day

The first snow of the winter came today.
The snow falls and ... BAM... I am 8 years old again,  sledding down the hill at the middle school in
Shelby, Montana.
My cousins and I are laughing, laughing, laughing.
My grandparents  lab, Lady Drew, is trailing behind us, black against the snow.

In reality, those days are over but it is equally enjoyable to watch my daughter romp in the snow with her cousins and aunties. She is still so young but memories are being made and they are good.



Sibling love....

Auntie-Niece Love...


Heidi said...

Great pics Pri! Looks like the kiddos had a blast! Xoxo

Mando and Tanna said...

Hey Ms. Photographer I bet you were in heaven with the new scenery to shoot SNOW! Turned out wonderful and tons of fun!