12 January 2012

Mara at 6 1/2 Months.

I am always amazed at how quickly six months can pass by.
Half of a year over.
Most of a school-year gone.
A complete change in season.

In our house, a newborn became an infant.
An infant who smacks her lips... and sticks her tongue out... and loves her feet.

And makes cute expressions...

And sticks her tongue out... and loves her feet...

She sits up now...

And those eyes are getting bigger... and more blue... and more heartwarming by the day...

She's eating solid food...

And she likes it. 

Little hands that are constantly grabbing, pulling, exploring...

Did I mention...She loves her feet?

Our baby girl, our sweet Mara. Happy 6-months.
It feels like you have been with us much longer than half of a year.

~ Sleeping 7 pm- 3amish (drinks bottle), back to sleep until 7:30-8ish
~ Sitting up, but can't be left unattended yet
~ Is becoming more used to solids- loves sweet potatoes and pears

~ 14.12 lbs (18th percentile)
~ 26 in long (50th percentile)

Dr. Ory says you are "long and lean." Wish someone would say that about me.



Mando and Tanna said...

She is getting so big! Its amazing how different Kennedys pictures looked at the same age. Red hair and brown hair, who would have thought! Happy 6 months Mara.

Shelley Simons said...

I love your blog! Baby Mara is growing waaay to fast! She is such a beauty! Such a gorgeous family you have...

Unknown said...

Mara is getting so big.. she is absolutely beautiful! You have such a gorgeous famiy Prita! Miss you guys!