04 January 2012

Thinking Out Loud... Changes for 2012

I refuse to call them resolutions. So cliche.
All these people joining gyms, vowing to lose weight and get in shape. So cliche.

Nevermind that two days ago, I joined the YMCA.
They are offering a "no-joining" fee through the end of January. I couldn't resist.

So yes, I have resolved to get in better shape and more specifically... to tone my "post two-kids" tummy. And I wonder, if I do a ridiculous amount of sit-ups each and every day, will the stretch marks go away? Probably not.
Oh well- at least I have two cute kids to show for them.

A few other goals for 2012, in no particular order...
1. Keep my closet clean. Sean and I have "his" and "her" closets. His puts mine to shame.
2. Keep my car clean. Again, his car beats my car everytime.
    Then again, he is slightly anal and doesn't    cart two kids around on a daily basis.
    And, he doesn't drink coffee so he doesn't have to deal with those pesky Starbucks cups.
3. Read with Kennedy more. Since Mara has joined our family, reading has taken a back-seat.
    This will   improve... immediately.
4. Attend church as a family... regularly. And get Mara Baptized.
5. Make Junebug Photography a successful endeavor.
6. Hike.

That's it, that's all. Happy 2012.

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