29 June 2010

Speed Racer

Last weekend, Sean (the best man) hosted a fun bachelor party for his oldest friend, Bryan. Bryan and Jeanne are getting married in August so the boys had a "last harah" in Seattle Saturday night. To kick-off the festivities, the boys went go-cart racing. Sean not only got first place but had the third best time of all racers for the entire week. I love this picture below because he looks sooo happy- it makes me laugh! It must have been his lucky McKenna racing t-shirt that did the trick! And, just in case you wondering, Sean's dad races vintage cars which is why he even has a McKenna racing shirt! :)
Bryan, the soon-to-be groom!
All the guys
Bryan works for Felt Bicycles so Sean designed a t-shirt with all kinds of inappropriate bicycle jokes
many of which had the word felt in them... pretty clever and funny!
The bachelor dancing with a few bachelorettes they ran into at one of the bars
Lau and Harv
Can't wait to celebrate the big day with Bryan and Jeanne in August!

28 June 2010


Today we said goodbye to Linda, the wonderful woman who has taken care of Kennedy for the past year while I have been at work. My great friend Stacie has offered to take care of Kennedy for us next school year and I just couldn't pass that up! It is bittersweet though because we have been so unbelievably happy with the care she has received from Linda at the in-home daycare she runs with her mother. There will always be a special place in my heart for these people who cared so wonderfully for my daughter during the first year of her life. Each week, I was able to go to work knowing that Kennedy was happy and content in their care. Peace of mind is priceless and I will be forever grateful for it.

27 June 2010

Heidi's Baby Shower

I had a great time attending Heidi's baby shower today! My best bud is due to have her little girl, Payton, mid-August! Doesn't she look amazing for being close to 8 months pregnant? Heidi's sisters threw the shower and came up with a great game that I had never played at a baby shower. We were each given a baby bottle with apple juice in it. Whoevever drank the juice fastest won a prize! It was super cute and something different for a baby shower. I am so excited to meet this sweet baby. Heidi and Brian are going to be fantastic parents. Congrats you two!

the soon-to-be parents
a few of the girls
The baby bottle game... flashbacks to my college days
(only back then it wasn't apple juice and it wasn't out of a baby bottle) :)
Heidi with her sisters and niece
Heidi and Sarah
Amy and I
Heidi and Rachael (the present helper)

23 June 2010

Baby Wyatt

I took a few photos of Sarah and Kevin's new little guy, Wyatt, yesterday.
What a cutie pie!

A Girl and a Couch

Patiently waiting for her cousins to come take a picture with her.

21 June 2010

Father's Day 2010

Albeit slightly repetitive, Kennedy and I did "DADDY" pictures again this year as a gift to Sean for Father's Day. I thought he would appreciate an updated version from last year. This year, the photos were a bit more challenging since our girl is now mobile. I literally broke a sweat during the photo session. Kennedy kept tossing the letters down, telling me "no," and running away (see second "D" picture). Hope you appreciate these Sean! ;)

Now for the sentimental part of this post. Of all the things I love about Sean (and there are a lot), one of the most important (probably the most important) is his ability to be a fantastic father to our daughter.
I knew early on that I had found a good daddy for my children and take it from me, a great dad is worth a lot. Happy Father's Day to you, Sean. Thank you for giving our daughter the gift of a father who is ever present and who loves her so very much. Because of you, she will know what qualities make an exceptional husband and father. Someday, she will look to your example when she chooses her own husband.  Her life will be that much better because you are her dad.

Back in Business

Not to worry folks... my blog was not permanently removed as it has been saying for the past week! I am sure you were all concerned about not being able to read about our oh-so exciting life (ha!). The possibility of the blog being randomly deleted did freak me out a bit and motivated me to get going on my 2010 blog book so all my hard work won't be for nothing in case something does happen again. For all of you bloggers who are interested in putting your words and pictures into a blog book, I highly recommend the program blurb. It can be downloaded at http://www.blurb.com/ and you can upload all of your posts into a book that can be printed. I made one for 2009 and will now stop dragging my feet and get going on 2010!

15 June 2010

What a Ham

13 June 2010


Trying not to get too excited about the fact that summer might just be here? .... Maybe? .... Please.


A cute picture of Kennedy with her grandpa John and cousin Moraiya.

11 June 2010

Television Trance

Kennedy watches very little t.v. In fact, I have never put a kids show on for her. Sean and I love t.v. but we don't want her hooked on it so we just haven't really introduced it to her. However, Amy and I thought it would be funny to see what happened if we put the Wiggles on the other day...

Interest and slight confusion...

And, there it is! The look of total elation...

While this was entertaining, I think we will continue to hold off on regular t.v. watching :)

08 June 2010


This is the new phase in Kennedy and Roderick's ever-changing relationship.
Kennedy tries to tackle Roderick as he desperately tries to crawl away.
Soon though, he will be walking... and Kennedy is in for it!

06 June 2010

Saturday of Sun

We got out on Saturday and enjoyed the beautiful weather (although clearly just a teaser given the gloomy skies of today). I began the day at Boot Camp with Amy and Aunt Martha. Yes, that's right, I have paid money to sweat and be more sore than I have been in quite some time. We do intervals of cardio, weights and abs. Amy says this boot camp is not as intense as some of the ones she has done in Seattle but I think it is plenty intense and a damn good workout for me!

Later, we had our neighbors over for brunch and then went to Alex's graduation party (Sean's cousin). It was fun to enjoy the sun and see lots of family. I was a loser at taking pictures at both the brunch and the party so you will just have to imagine it. :)

I did, however, snap a few photos at the evening BBQ at Heidi and Brian's house. Sarah and her new baby boy, Wyatt, were also there. He is absolutely precious. Holding him made me miss the new baby phase... uh-oh. ;)

Wyatt Thomas Willoughby
2 weeks old
the proud new mama... doesn't she look amazing?
a 7-months-pregnant Heidi and Tinks
See that beer behind Heidi?
A few minutes after this was taken, Kennedy knocked it over onto Heidi and Brian's WEDDING album! They were so nice about it but I feel awful.
I am hoping the pages will dry well or we will be replacing it.

All in all, a fun (and busy) sunny Saturday!

02 June 2010

Oregon Coast Trip

We spent a fantastic Memorial Day weekend at the beach! We rented a house in Seaside with some of Sean's family (and Rachael joined us too!). The weather was crappy but we still had a great time! We spent time in Seaside, Cannon Beach and we even made a quick trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. All in all, a great way to spend the three day weekend!

When my mom and John came to pick up Rachael, we were able to snap this family photo as well!