29 June 2010

Speed Racer

Last weekend, Sean (the best man) hosted a fun bachelor party for his oldest friend, Bryan. Bryan and Jeanne are getting married in August so the boys had a "last harah" in Seattle Saturday night. To kick-off the festivities, the boys went go-cart racing. Sean not only got first place but had the third best time of all racers for the entire week. I love this picture below because he looks sooo happy- it makes me laugh! It must have been his lucky McKenna racing t-shirt that did the trick! And, just in case you wondering, Sean's dad races vintage cars which is why he even has a McKenna racing shirt! :)
Bryan, the soon-to-be groom!
All the guys
Bryan works for Felt Bicycles so Sean designed a t-shirt with all kinds of inappropriate bicycle jokes
many of which had the word felt in them... pretty clever and funny!
The bachelor dancing with a few bachelorettes they ran into at one of the bars
Lau and Harv
Can't wait to celebrate the big day with Bryan and Jeanne in August!

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Kate said...

I'm impressed Sean took pictures -- and got 1st place! Love that first picture!