06 June 2010

Saturday of Sun

We got out on Saturday and enjoyed the beautiful weather (although clearly just a teaser given the gloomy skies of today). I began the day at Boot Camp with Amy and Aunt Martha. Yes, that's right, I have paid money to sweat and be more sore than I have been in quite some time. We do intervals of cardio, weights and abs. Amy says this boot camp is not as intense as some of the ones she has done in Seattle but I think it is plenty intense and a damn good workout for me!

Later, we had our neighbors over for brunch and then went to Alex's graduation party (Sean's cousin). It was fun to enjoy the sun and see lots of family. I was a loser at taking pictures at both the brunch and the party so you will just have to imagine it. :)

I did, however, snap a few photos at the evening BBQ at Heidi and Brian's house. Sarah and her new baby boy, Wyatt, were also there. He is absolutely precious. Holding him made me miss the new baby phase... uh-oh. ;)

Wyatt Thomas Willoughby
2 weeks old
the proud new mama... doesn't she look amazing?
a 7-months-pregnant Heidi and Tinks
See that beer behind Heidi?
A few minutes after this was taken, Kennedy knocked it over onto Heidi and Brian's WEDDING album! They were so nice about it but I feel awful.
I am hoping the pages will dry well or we will be replacing it.

All in all, a fun (and busy) sunny Saturday!

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Amy said...

Adorable pics of Wyatt! And YES! Sarah looks AMAZING! I'm kinda mad at her actually. This has been way too easy. Hmm. This blog made me laugh. I love the "miss the new baby phase.. uh oh." I feel ya there. I feel like I forgot how awful morning sickness was. Remind me. Was it THAT bad? Uh Oh.