21 June 2010

Father's Day 2010

Albeit slightly repetitive, Kennedy and I did "DADDY" pictures again this year as a gift to Sean for Father's Day. I thought he would appreciate an updated version from last year. This year, the photos were a bit more challenging since our girl is now mobile. I literally broke a sweat during the photo session. Kennedy kept tossing the letters down, telling me "no," and running away (see second "D" picture). Hope you appreciate these Sean! ;)

Now for the sentimental part of this post. Of all the things I love about Sean (and there are a lot), one of the most important (probably the most important) is his ability to be a fantastic father to our daughter.
I knew early on that I had found a good daddy for my children and take it from me, a great dad is worth a lot. Happy Father's Day to you, Sean. Thank you for giving our daughter the gift of a father who is ever present and who loves her so very much. Because of you, she will know what qualities make an exceptional husband and father. Someday, she will look to your example when she chooses her own husband.  Her life will be that much better because you are her dad.


Tara and Dale said...

smiling from ear to ear reading this. good dads are a treasure. :)

Sean said...

If Kennedy could talk (beyond her 10-word vocab) she would say that Mama still has me beat! Kennedy won the lotto with Mamma.