13 June 2010


Trying not to get too excited about the fact that summer might just be here? .... Maybe? .... Please.


Tara and Dale said...

I'll second that hope for summer when we arrive in a few weeks! :)

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Hi Prita,

Ok, you have a super CUTE family! Your daughter Kennedy is darling!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

I'd love to share our cow info with you! We buy it from a nice gentleman in Albany, OR named Ed Starkey, and here's his email: edstarkey@comcast.net

I don't have his website info, but we email him every year to get on his list for a 1/4 cow. (My husband Josh actually just emailed him this morning since we just ran out of ground beef and we're starting to get low on the other cuts). Once he has 4 people ready then he makes sure he has a cow ready and he will give you a time frame on when it will be butchered... sometimes we've had to wait a few months, but other times it goes quickly. Just depends.

Then he'll ask you how you want your meats cut... he will tenderize the tougher cuts if you want, or you can have those cuts made into extra ground beef. We usually say we want the roasts, good steaks, a few lesser quality steaks and the rest made into ground beef (since we use it the most). The ground beef is amazing! It is literally like 2% fat. You don't have to drain fat after cooking it. Anyway, :) once it goes to the butcher then it's packaged in double wrapped white freezer paper and labeled (which cut) and frozen. The ground beef is put in 1 lb. bags each that say "20% fat" on them, but they aren't, it's just the only wrapper the butcher he uses has. Then Ed usually meets us somewhere half way between Albany and Portland to deliver our meat to us. It's great quality, taste, and price! He can give you all of the pricing info when you email him.

:) Bethany

Prita said...

Thank you so much Bethany! I really appreciate the info!

Someday, I would love to plan a trip down to Portland and have you photograph my family.

Have a wonderful summer!