30 January 2013

Friday Movie Nights

We recently started a new tradition ... Friday movie nights.
We move the cushions around on the couch to make a big "bed" and then we make popcorn and watch a movie together as a family. Kennedy absolutely loves it and I do too. Rachael stayed the night with us a few weeks ago so she got in on the movie action too... on this particular night, we watched Brave.
Super cute movie!

My Sister is, like, SO cool.

If Mara could say that sentence, I swear she would.
Especially after a few spins in the swirly chair.

Bowling, baby.

A few weeks ago, we met up with a great group of friends for a night of bowling! 
Oh man, did we have fun. We hadn't bowled in several years and I always forget how fun it is. 
I totally and completely suck but it's still a blast. I didn't take many photos but here are a few snapshots...

Fun Friends

Heidi and Brian and the girls stopped by a couple of Saturdays ago for an impromptu play date.
Since Heidi has been back at work, our girls hadn't seen each other much.
As a surprise to both of us, Payton and Kennedy got a long wonderfully... typically they have a very difficult time playing together. Their ages and unwillingness to share (along with Kennedy's strong personality) has presented a problem on several occasions. But we were encouraged to see that this may be improving. They had a fantastic time playing dress-up and riding on Uncle Brian's back. The two of them not getting along is, quite simply, not an option. Their mamas are far to close of friends for any of THAT nonsense!! :)

Mara loves Auntie Heidi

23 January 2013

Now Booking 2013 Photo Sessions

I don't typically post business related stuff on my personal blog but thought I would post this in case you follow this blog but not my Junebug blog!

20 January 2013

Such Fun

In the mornings, the girls often sit on my bed and watch a show while I shower and get ready for the day.
Yesterday, there was this beautiful, soft window light coming in our bedroom window.
I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of the girls.

I find myself sending Sean texts during the day that say things like "Our kids are amazing. We are so lucky."
I wish I could freeze time... I love their ages right now! So, so fun!

14 January 2013

Princess Poopy

I have recently discovered that the surefire way to get an almost-four year old to smile AND laugh naturally in a photo is to simply say the word "poop." 
It will, undoubtedly, get a solid five minutes of laughter and smiling...  
as displayed by our own Princess... 

06 January 2013

Dear Mara... at 18 Months Old

Dear Mara,
How did it happen? You are a walkin', talkin' one and a half year old... already!
I love this age. I loved it with Kennedy and it is no different this time around.
In fact, as I re-read the letter I wrote your sister when she turned eighteen months, I was reminded of how many similarities the two of you have and how many of the feelings I had for her, I have for you at this same age. You are my baby, with a large dose of toddler and a speck of little girl creeping in.

You make me laugh each and every day and I can't hug and kiss you enough.
Good thing you are so attached to me and you don't mind... you truly are my little shadow.
You are a goofy kid... with a goofy sense of humor. I love goofy so you and I were made for each other.

You are curious and oh-so-playful... not unlike a little puppy, actually.

And oh-my-goodness... do you LOVE your sister!
And you really love taking her toys, much to her dismay... and utter frustration.
I hear the phrase "Mara!" in exasperation from big sis SEVERAL times a day.
But don't worry, baby girl. She loves you to pieces...  of that I am positive.

I love your curls.

And your long lashes, button nose and adorably furry brows.

You still have your pacifier and just like with your sister at this age, I don't care.
I am pretty sure you won't be taking it to kindergarten with you.

For the rest of my life, I will vividly remember this about you... you love  playing with your hair.
When you are tired... or observant... or snuggling with someone... your hand is in your hair.
I would be willing to bet you did this in my belly, as well.

You are a wonderful sleeper! 7 pm- 8 am consistently. You go girl.
Your vocabulary is expanding by the day. Consistent words include: mama, dada, yeah, no, duh (all done), app (apple), ilk (milk), wa (water), bum-bum, okay. You can point many body parts (nose, eyes, ears, hair, teeth, bum bum, toes, fingers, belly button, etc). You understand absolutely everything we say. It cracks  me up. One of my favorite memories is when I told Kennedy she needed to choose a few books to bring on our car ride. Next thing I know...YOU have gone and brought me several books from the playroom.

You're an eater, just like your sister. You love all foods... without exception. But a few favorites are fruit, quesadillas, pasta, cereal... and anything sweet of course :)

Your official 18-month appointment isn't for another week or so but according to our home scale, you are just shy of 20 lbs.... almost exactly the same weight as Kennedy was at this age.

While you share many similar personality traits with your sister, I think there will be some differences, too.
There already are.
Time will tell and I am excited to see all of the unique things that do and will make you... you. 

I love you my sweet baby girl. More than you will ever know.

Your Mama

05 January 2013

Leavenworth... Year Two

For the second year in a row, we traveled over to Leavenworth a few days after Christmas for four days of rest and relaxation with the McKenna side of the family.
 Well, as much rest and relaxation as you can get with a gaggle of kids running around. :)
It was a quieter year however as Amy and Harv didn't make the trip due to Roderick coming down with RSV and then pneumonia. Poor guy! Though we missed the Harvie's, we still had a great time. The house was amazing, the snow was beautiful and it was fun to just hang out together. The really special thing about these trips to Leavenworth are the memories being made between the cousins. They have so much fun together... I know they will be precious memories for them when they are all grown up.

Speaking of gaggles... prepare for this ridiculous gaggle of photos I took.

Little Mr. Roman is turning two in a few days... we had fun getting a cake and singing for him!

One of the highlights of the trip was the fun and GORGEOUS sleigh ride we did at Red Canyon Trail Farms.

 And on our last day in Leavenworth, the guys went to Mission Ridge for some skiing!

John and Patty, thanks for such a great trip!!!