03 January 2013

Christmas - Part 1

Our Christmas began on December 22nd when we drove up to Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray's house in Mt. Vernon for a great holiday dinner. Most of my extended family lives in Montana but there are a handful of us who live in Washington and it is always great to see everyone, especially during the holidays.

Unfortunately, Sean was down with the flu so he didn't make it.

My cousin Danielle and I... love seeing her... she makes me laugh. 

Mara with my cousin, Pat. She loved him. 
We find that she really likes dark haired, bushy-eyebrowed folks. 
She likes her kinda people I guess. :)

Ahh.. the kids table. I have so many fond memories of this table. 
Madison is almost thirteen and probably hates the kids table at this point. 
A true rite of passage. 

 Danielle and her boyfriend, Kyle 

Kennedy LOVES the kid table. 

All the little girls playing cup stacking games... cheap entertainment. Love it. 

Mom and Aunt Jeanie

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