05 January 2013

Leavenworth... Year Two

For the second year in a row, we traveled over to Leavenworth a few days after Christmas for four days of rest and relaxation with the McKenna side of the family.
 Well, as much rest and relaxation as you can get with a gaggle of kids running around. :)
It was a quieter year however as Amy and Harv didn't make the trip due to Roderick coming down with RSV and then pneumonia. Poor guy! Though we missed the Harvie's, we still had a great time. The house was amazing, the snow was beautiful and it was fun to just hang out together. The really special thing about these trips to Leavenworth are the memories being made between the cousins. They have so much fun together... I know they will be precious memories for them when they are all grown up.

Speaking of gaggles... prepare for this ridiculous gaggle of photos I took.

Little Mr. Roman is turning two in a few days... we had fun getting a cake and singing for him!

One of the highlights of the trip was the fun and GORGEOUS sleigh ride we did at Red Canyon Trail Farms.

 And on our last day in Leavenworth, the guys went to Mission Ridge for some skiing!

John and Patty, thanks for such a great trip!!!

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Kate said...

Love your boots!