20 September 2014

Grandma's 80th Birthday Party

This post is a little out of order but I wanted to make sure I included it so it makes it into our annual blog book. Sean's wonderful grandma will be turning 80 in November so the family surprised her with a party last month at Anderson Island (her favorite place). She was truly so surprised and it was such a fun and special afternoon. She's such a special lady, it was wonderful to celebrate her! I took hundreds of photos - I won't include them all on here but here are some of my favorites.


Mara Starts Preschool

Mara started her 3's preschool class this past week.
She was so excited to finally get to go to school like her big sister.
Making it extra cool is the fact that she gets to have her cousin, McKenna, in her class!
We are looking forward to a fun preschool year with the wonderful Ms. Rona!

Jennifer Nettles!

Heidi, Sarah, Margaret and I went to see Jennifer Nettles play at the fair a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast! What an amazing performer she is! The four of us sat there awestruck the entire time. Each of us cried at various points and for various reasons - music is such a powerful thing and can evoke so many strong emotions.
Can't tell you how much these girls have meant to me this summer.