03 September 2014

Dear Mara... On Your Third Birthday

I am a few months late in posting this but better late than never!

Dear Mara,

Hello beautiful girl! I am not sure where the past three years have gone but they have produced a beautiful, funny, and unbelievably sweet little girl. You aren't so baby-like anymore which makes me a little sad but I enjoy you so much that the sadness only sticks for a second when I think about it.

As with your older sister, turning three has brought about a strong desire for independence. We have seen some behavior changes - more hitting, a little biting (yikes!) and many temper tantrums if you can't do something right away or if you can't do it yourself. I remember feeling surprised by this when Kennedy went through it but the beauty of you, our second child, is that I know for sure it is a phase and that it will pass. So it gives me more patience and tolerance though there have been days when you make me want to pull. my. hair. out. BUT ........... I love you anyways baby!!!!!! :)

Things to remember about you at age three (thus far):
- How sweet and cuddly you are. You are never to busy for a hug or a little kiss.
- What a big helper you are. You love to help me fold laundry, put laundry away, do dishes, etc. However, getting you to clean up your toys is another story!
- Your vocabulary and language skills have exploded over the past six months. I am constantly blown away at the things you know and say. I asked your pediatrician at your three month check-up if you were going to need any vaccinations (I intentionally said vaccinations thinking you wouldn't know what it was) and you promptly jumped in with "I don't want any SHOTS!!" You are certainly a smart cookie, little girl.
- Your infectious laugh.
- Your huge eyes and beautiful eyebrows that everyone comments on including strangers in the grocery store.
- Your good-natured, kind personality.
- How much your love your friends and cousins.
- How you sleep in a big girl bed now. I am so proud of you but since losing your baby sister at the beginning of the summer, moving you into a big girl bed and leaving the crib empty was hugely emotional for me. You and Kennedy have loved being right next door to each other though and I love snuggling up and reading in your big girl bed every night.
- How much you LOVE the swings at the park. You say: "Push me very high, mama. Like daddy does!" You would swing for hours if we let you.
- You can count comfortably to ten and mostly make it to twenty.
- You are slowly learning your colors... as Kennedy said about this process: "Mom, we have a lot of work to do with Mara and her colors." ;)

Mara, you are just a blast and you add so much to our family. You are unbelievably special to me - my little shadow and my own little "mini-me." God truly did place the sweetest of souls in you. After such a loss this summer, I hold you and Kennedy extra tight. Can't wait to see how you will grow and change and all you will do this year.

Thanks for being you. Thanks for being mine.
Love you to the moon and back.


Favorite photos of you over the past few months!

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