11 September 2014

Seahawks Opening Game!

We had SUCH  fun time at the Seahawks opening game!
It was pretty amazing to be at the opening game following the Superbowl win.
The energy of the crowds was amazing and artists like Ferrell and Soundgarden played in the afternoon leading up to the game.
We rode to the game and pre-funked (does that phrase date me a bit? probably...)
with Amy, Chris and Harv but then Sean and I broke off before the game to .... ahem... go down to the field to watch the players PRACTICE and ... ahem...find our seats in our
No, I am not kidding.
Sean has been working closely with a gal at Century Link for his job and she gave him two tickets for the century link suite which literally sits right down on the field. How cool is that?!?! She also gave us pre-game field passes which was also unbelievable. We were kind of in awe of the whole situation especially since we are definitely not die-hard fans (I would label us as being moderate yet appreciative-of-the game-fans) but after this super cool game our interest level may have increased a bit ;)
 The crowd and concert-goers before the game!
It was a beautiful Seattle day too!
 Pre-Game Selfies...
Pregame Field Time...
Down on the field.. 
Feeling pretty darn cool.  
 Players come out to practice a bit... 
Richard Sherman!!
 Still feeling pretttyyy coollll..... 
Russell Wilson!!
 Russell Wilson again!! 
  We were pretty sure these were a couple of the players wives standing next to us...
this is my attempt at taking a subtle picture of them. Stop laughing Heidi.
This was the view from our seats!!
  This is us with Richard Sherman's brother/manager.
He came through the suite and was visiting with people.
Super nice guy - seemed so humble and laid back which of course we loved.
Of course I was in AWE of all of the NFL photographers and their ginormous lenses! 
Sean taking it all in!
  View from inside the suite!
What a fun time this was for us - we felt so fortunate to be able to experience this.
Seattle is such an amazing place to be from and I do love how amazing the fan base is here.
When we were standing down on the sidelines, there was a man standing next to us who had terminal cancer. He was there with his pastor and it was a once in a lifetime/end of life experience for him.
It was a powerful moment for me to realize that.
What a gift life is.
Go Hawks.

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