22 September 2013

Family Photos 2013

The amazing Jessica Hamlin did our family photos again this year and I adore them!
We met her at Dumas Bay a couple of weeks ago for an evening shoot.
She did a great job of capturing our family and I already cherish these photos so much... can't imagine how I will feel about them in twenty years!

She took quite a few ... here are my favorites! :)

17 September 2013

Mara Starts 2's Class!

Hard to believe that Mara is ready to start the 2's class at our beloved co-op preschool but she is!
She had her first day yesterday and as long as I was right beside her, she was happy as could be :)

Because it is a co-op preschool, I get to work in the classroom about once a week. I loved doing this class with Kennedy and I already love it with Mara. Ms. Melissa is a great teacher and I enjoy visiting with the other parents.
Having Kennedy in drop-off Pre-K has really made me realize how special and fleeting this time in the classroom with my kiddos is.

Officially soaking it up.

08 September 2013

Cannon Beach

Immediately following our trip to Montana, we drove to Cannon Beach to celebrate John and Patty's 30th anniversary. Amy planned a beautiful vow renewal service right on the beach. It was so nice!

I love Cannon Beach.
We lucked out with amazing weather which is always great but I love Cannon Beach even when it is rainy, cloudy and windy. The Oregon Coast is just incredible and truth be told, I probably love it as much as I love Hawaii... just in a different way. I always come back from the beach feeling relaxed, rested and re-grounded. Sean and I plan to make Cannon Beach an annual trip not only for our family but for us as a couple, as well. I love how romantic it is there!!

Enjoy just a small handful of photos from our fun weekend!
What a great way to end a really wonderful summer!