08 September 2013

Cannon Beach

Immediately following our trip to Montana, we drove to Cannon Beach to celebrate John and Patty's 30th anniversary. Amy planned a beautiful vow renewal service right on the beach. It was so nice!

I love Cannon Beach.
We lucked out with amazing weather which is always great but I love Cannon Beach even when it is rainy, cloudy and windy. The Oregon Coast is just incredible and truth be told, I probably love it as much as I love Hawaii... just in a different way. I always come back from the beach feeling relaxed, rested and re-grounded. Sean and I plan to make Cannon Beach an annual trip not only for our family but for us as a couple, as well. I love how romantic it is there!!

Enjoy just a small handful of photos from our fun weekend!
What a great way to end a really wonderful summer!

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Clare McKenna said...

Cute! I think I may have taken a handfull of these:)